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SB Corporate Members Receive Top Scores in Disability Equality Index®

The Disability Equality Index® (DEI) is a benchmarking tool that measures a company’s performances in disability inclusion and practices in the workplace. A joint initiative between the American Association of People with Disabilities (AADP) and Disability:IN, the DEI serves as a valuable resource for companies across various industries to improve their workplace disability inclusion policies.

After self-report survey, companies are given a score between zero to 100. This year, many of our Sustainable Brands corporate members received a score of 80 or higher:

  1. 3M received one of the top scores, as it continues to support employees with disabilities and their families through employee groups such as the disAbility Awareness Network and the Autism and Mental Health Resource Group.
  2. Bank of America continues to improve its inclusion policies for both its employees and banking customers.
  3. AT&T scored 100 for actively ensuring an inclusive workplace for students and potential employees with disabilities through programs such as Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities and Individuals with Disabilities Enabling Advocacy Link.
  4. CVS Health receives a top score for the second year in a row for its impressive job training and career opportunities initiatives for employees with disabilities.
  5. Dow Chemical Company and DuPont recognize the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Peter Holicki, executive sponsor for Dow’s Disability Employee Network at Dow states, “We know that inclusion is good for people, good for society and good for business."
  6. Hewlett Packard Enterprise exemplifies companies’ needs to raise awareness around disability inclusion across all groups within and outside of the workplace.
  7. L’Oreal implemented a global policy across its subsidiaries to ensure workplace disability inclusion, working with Diversity coordinators, NGOs, and local and international experts.
  8. MasterCard believes in enhancing its industry expertise through diverse insights from its global workforce, which is achieved through an inclusion and diversity strategy.
  9. P&G practices non-discrimination and diversity inclusion policies by focusing on individual skills and passions, leading to a culture of innovation as well as acceptance.
  10. Disney is not just disability inclusive, but also practicesLGBTQ inclusion, truly making it a great environment for workplace equality.
  11. Cisco leads programs like Cisco LifeChanger, helping people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment such as limited mobility.
  12. Johnson & Johnson ensures that its employees with disabilities--both hidden and visible--have resources to help them thrive in the workplace.
  13. Unilever promotes inclusion and disabilities awareness through workshops, changing workers and managers’ attitudes towards people with disabilities.
  14. UPS encourages workplace inclusion and diversity by supporting hands-on job training for people with disabilities and supporting a culture of awareness.
  15. Ford nurtures a diverse workforce by allowing all employees to participate in its Employee Resource Groups and offering employee assistance programs and wellness initiatives. Diversity and workplace inclusion is not limited to hiring employees regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, or religious practice. Disability inclusion is essential to a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, and it acts as a competitive advantage because prospective employees today consider a company's values beyond economic goals. View the full 2018 DEI report here.

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