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Press Release
Sony Establishes "Green Management 2020" Group Environmental Mid-Term Targets

Targeting a 30% reduction* in the average annual energy consumption of electronics productsTokyo, June 4th, 2015 - Sony Corporation (hereafter "Sony") today announced the establishment of its "Green Management 2020" group environmental mid-term targets that will take effect from fiscal 2016 through 2020. Based on the following three pillars, Sony will implement various initiatives to reduce the Sony Group's environmental footprint:

  • Formulate targets and implement initiatives that leverage the distinctive characteristics of Sony's businesses, from Electronics to Entertainment. Among these, reduce annual energy consumption by an average of 30%* in electronics products, and in entertainment, continue to look to use its contents to raise awareness of sustainability issues and inspire environmentally-conscious actions.
  • Enhance efforts to reduce Sony's environmental footprint across its entire value chain, including manufacturing partners and suppliers, by calling on them to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and water consumption.
  • Accelerate the use of renewable energy.

Sony's long-term vision is to achieve a "zero environmental footprint" throughout all stages of its product lifecycles and business activities by 2050. The Green Management 2020 mid-term plan has been backcasted (calculated backwards) in order to determine the necessary intermediate steps on the way to this long-term goal. Sony expects to achieve all of the targets set forth in its previous plan, "Green Management 2015," which covers the five-year period up to and including fiscal 2015. With Green Management 2020, Sony will further accelerate its various initiatives directed towards its ultimate goal of a "zero environmental footprint."

Sony will also continue to participate in the WWF's Climate Savers Programme, which aims to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, from fiscal 2016 onwards. Climate change targets are verified by WWF and a third-party verification body for their degrees of difficulty and progress.### Major focus areas of the Sony Group's "Green Management 2020":


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