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Taking ecofriendly tradeshow booth creativity to the next level with the modular notched card booth system!

The Autumn is an exciting and busy time for tradeshow exhibitors, with many of the largest expos and conventions scheduled for the months of September, October and November. With the fall trade show season nearly upon us, The Boothologist is here to help with some eyecatching and ecofriendly tradeshow booth solutions in a pinch! Whether you need tradeshow banners or a full booth design, The Boothologist is “like a naturopath for your booth”!

Introducing the Notched Card Booth Design System

Our new notched card tradeshow booth building package utilizes an innovative, printable, interlocking card system that allows tradeshow exhibitors to construct their own original tradeshow booth designs that are limited only by their imagination! Not only does this super cool modular booth building package allow you to build the creative tradeshow display of your dreams, it also doesn’t hurt the pocketbook when compared to typical booth kits.

modular notched card tradeshow booth construction system

Our new notched card booth design system is totally modular, so there is no limit to the variety of exhibits that can be constructed! The finish of the raw material is cool by itself, but just adding a few printed panels definitely makes for a visual pop that stands out! A mix of raw and printed panels creates an eye-catching design and can help save money on your square foot printing costs! Some examples can be found in some of these renderings for clients, as well as our own tradeshow booth built for "The Boothologist"!

new modular card system for recyclable tradeshow booth design and construction

Notched Card Booth Displays Work For Any Booth Size

The new modular notched card booth design system can be used for booth designs of any size, shape or configuration! Here are examples of a client project we did in a 20x20 space. As you can see, this booth design is highly modular, rising up to 14 feet high.

recyclable notched card tradeshow booth construction system for prairie biosciences

Hammer Time! The Notched Card Booths Are Super Easy To Set Up!

We developed some fun new lingo for the notched card construction process at the Sustainable Brands Show booth set up. Even though the system is tool-less, on occasion it’s handy to use a rubber mallet to tap the cards in place. Just yell “Hammer Time” to your friends as you set up this booth. If you want to go all out, pick up some parachute pants like your favorite 80’s rapper to wear during the show!

using hammers to construct tradeshow booths using the new modular notched card booth construction system

Integrates Well With Other Booth Systems

The notched card booth design system can build most anything you need in your convention display space; but it’s fun to mix it up with other pieces. For example, it pairs wonderfully with Boothster’s paper tube booth building system; and many IKEA pieces such as the carpets you see here:

notched card tradeshow booth design and construction system for sustainable brands show

notched card tradeshow booth construction for sustainable brands show

To learn more about Boothster's new recyclable notched card tradeshow booth design system or how Boothster can help your company or organization with eyecatching, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our product catalog, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!


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