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UPS Announces New Environmental Commitment Supporting Underserved Communities Globally

UPS Commitment of Planting 50 Million Trees by 2030 Focuses on Promoting Global Equity and Well-being for Low-Income and Underserved Communities in Cities and Developing Areas

The growing urgency of supporting environmental and social justice efforts around the world has fueled a new commitment by UPS to plant more than 50 million trees by 2030, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals period (2015-2030).

The new effort brings UPS’s commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a new level. While planting 50 million trees will have a measurable impact on the environment, UPS has evolved its strategy to focus on improving lives in Black and underserved communities in the U.S. and developing areas around the world. Through this new commitment, UPS will help to address environmental injustices by improving air quality, fostering better health outcomes, more job opportunities, more social engagement and creating safer and healthier neighborhoods.

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