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What Happens to Paper When it is Recycled?

The life cycle of recycled paper from recycling bin to final product

The life cycle of recycled paper from recycling bin to final product

Most consumers are unaware of the steps and parties involved in the process of transforming paper recovered from recycling bins into final products. As a manufacturer of commercial papers with up to 100 per cent recycled content, Rolland sees waste paper as a valuable resource. By offering sustainable paper products and helping to transform paper from recycling bins into new products, Rolland allows its customers to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy. The graphic below illustrates the journey of post-consumer recycled paper, from recycling bin to final product:


  1. Recycling Bin Paper is collected from recycling bins at national and regional levels and transported to Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  2. Sorting Centers MRFs receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials
  3. Recyclable Paper Bales Recyclable paper materials are compacted into large rectangular bales
  4. Sustana Fibers Facility Recyclable paper materials are transported to Sustana’s recycled fibers facility
  5. Pulping, Screening & Washing Recyclable paper is blended in a pulping machine with water into a coarse pulp. Fibers are screened & washed to remove solid impurities and ink particles
  6. Post-Consumer Recycled Fibers Fibers are thickened by dewatering, cut into sheets and baled
  7. Rolland Paper Mill Fiber bales are transported to Rolland’s Paper Mill
  8. Paper Machine Fibers are mixed with water, refined, screened, then processed using Rolland’s equipment, dried and formed into large rolls of paper
  9. Converting Rolls of recycled paper are transported to Rolland’s converting center and cut into sheets
  10. Final Products Sheets of post-consumer recycled paper are transported to end-users and turned into final products

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-- Renée Yardley, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rolland

*Originally published on Rolland's Blog. Read more here.