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Philips Paves the Way for a Low-Carbon Future with Connected LED Lighting

LED lighting provides an important resource for the successful transition to a low-carbon future, something Philips Lighting is hoping to convey this week at the annual LIGHTFAIR International Tradeshow and Conference in Philadelphia.

The lighting company is introducing three new LED lamps designed to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, improve the comfort and utilization of a space and deliver value that goes beyond illumination. The new technology advancements combine the accumulative improvements in energy efficiency with enhanced quality and capabilities of connected LED lighting.

The innovations harness the potential of connected light — lighting systems that serve as data platforms and enable greater energy savings in buildings and cities — and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform existing lighting infrastructure, delivering new value for cities, offices, hotels and retail environments.

According to Anton Brummelhuis, Senior Director of Sustainability for Philips Lighting, connected lighting could play a pivotal role in the creation of smart buildings and smart cities.

“IoT allows for what we call intelligent asset tracking. If all light sources have IP addresses, you can address hardware as part of the circular economy. We can monitor the performance of each individual light source and we can see how it is used. It has more value for the second user because we know how many hours it has been used for an what its condition is based on that. It’s another area arriving from connected lighting.

Philips will be sharing the following LED lamps at LIGHTFAIR:

  • Philips ExpertColor LED: ExpertColor Par and MR16 lamps allow lighting designers and specifiers to create more inviting environments and comfortable ambiances for a wide range of settings from hotels and restaurants to residential spaces. Using optimized spectrums and best in class color realization, it is also available for retail specific applications designed to improve the shopping experiences for both retailers and customers. Philips ExpertColor innovations are designed to improve energy efficiency, enhance light quality and greatly extend the overall lifetime of the lamps.

  • Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps with EasySmart technology: A simplified path to connected ready lighting, the Philips InstantFit LED with EasySmart technology is the first and only wireless, network-capable linear lamp retrofit with a simple plug and play installation that reduces energy, effort and costs, while providing intelligent control. The expanded Philips InstantFit platform is built on the ZigBee 3.0 standard based protocol for easy integration of the TLEDs with a wide variety of control devices and systems.

  • Philips TrueForce High Bay LED: Through a uniquely simple lamp-to-lamp replacement, Philips TrueForce drastically reduces energy and maintenance costs while providing uncompromised light quality. Its compatibility with existing ballasts and versatility of the product design means that it can be installed quickly and used across a wide range of applications and environments from convention centers and airport terminals to big box retailers and warehouses.

“The rapid pace of innovation and tremendous adoption of our LED lamps is intrinsically linked to the increasing value that LED delivers to our customers,” said Roger Karner, head of Market Group US at Philips Lighting. “Our growing product portfolio focuses not only on customer needs today, but also anticipates how they will change and evolve in the future.”


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