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Startup Creates Reusable To-Go Containers for Food Service Industry

Preserve, producer of sustainable consumer goods with a focus on creating closed loop products using recycled plastic, today announced the launch of Preserve 2 Go — a durable, reusable clamshell container designed for use in food services.

Developed to “transform the takeout food experience and to provide an avenue for a more sustainable, eco-friendly system”, Preserve 2 Go could help eliminate the unnecessary waste of millions of disposable to-go containers.

The container is manufactured in the United States from polypropylene plastic and features at least 50 percent recycled content, the company says. Unlike bio- and fiber-based alternatives, the three-compartment Preserve 2 Go seals tightly, is BPA-free, microwave-durable, NSF certified, and designed for 300+ uses in food service operations.

The company says Preserve 2 Go is designed for compatibility with the OZZI collection system — a technology created by the Rhode Island-based company AGreenOzzi, which adds an element of accountability to food service takeout programs. After eating, diners deposit their containers in OZZI machines and are given a credit toward their next takeout container. Containers are removed from the machine regularly and are sanitized for the next use.

In other waste reduction innovation news, AkzoNobel last year unveiled the world’s first fully compostable, recyclable paper cup. Thanks to the company’s new coatings technology EvCote™ Water Barrier 3000 — made from plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles — businesses and consumers can select a more sustainable cup in which to serve cold drinks. The company says the cups don’t require any modification in the current recycle stream or special handling and are fully compostable and recyclable.

Another notable solution to paper cup waste came in 2013, when UK paper company James Cropper announced it had developed technology that enables the recycling of disposable coffee cups into high-quality paper products.


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