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Waste Not
Whirlpool Launches First Refrigerator Water Filter Recycling Program

Whirlpool has announced a new recycling initiative that offers consumers a responsible alternative to throwing out their used refrigerator water filters.

Whirlpool typically recommends that consumers replace their refrigerator water filter every six months for optimum performance. However, consumers can now take advantage of the company's Refresh & Recycle mail-in program; a simple way to recycle used refrigerator water filters. Recycled filters will be tested for material content and transformed into concrete aggregate used to build roads and other concrete structures. To make this all happen, Whirlpool says it is partnering with recycling company g2 revolution.

Recycling mailers can be purchased at g2 revolution's second life® store at for use in the continental U.S. The program will recycle used water filters from any of Whirlpool’s U.S. brands and also accepts used refrigerator water filters of any other brand or manufacturer.

In June, Whirlpool became the first appliance manufacturer to offer an ENERGY STAR® certified clothes dryer, after receiving certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR program. The Whirlpool Duet dryer uses new technologies which combine to create a highly energy-efficient drying cycle. Advanced moisture sensors are used to assure the cycle ends precisely when the load is dry, which helps prevent over drying that leads to wasted energy and can cause damage to fabrics. The dryer also uses dual element modulation technology through the Ecoboost setting to adjust the heat output based on the exact moisture content in the clothes. This reduces the heat for the overall cycle, reducing energy consumption, while only slightly extending the drying time.

3 Key Insights to Support Carbon-Labeling Ambitions

The SB Socio-Cultural Trends Research, conducted in partnership with Ipsos, tracks the changing drivers and behaviors of consumers around the intersection of brands and sustainable living. Our latest report explores how brands can maximize the impact of their sustainability efforts by approaching carbon-label strategies through the lens of consumer perceptions — learn more in SB’s Q4 Pulse highlights report.

Energy-efficient and zero-waste appliances will be necessary to achieve the net zero homes of the future — a concept explored in My Energi Lifestyle, a strategic collaboration between Ford, Whirlpool, Eaton, SunPower and Nest that aims to demonstrate how a typical American family can significantly reduce its electricity bills and carbon footprint by integrating home appliance technology with a plug-in vehicle and solar power to achieve an energy-efficient lifestyle.


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