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Follow the growing amount of collaborative work — cross-functional, cross-sector, pre-competitive and more — bringing about massive, disruptive, needed shifts to business as usual.

Draft Treaty on Ending Plastics Pollution Inches Forward After Paris Negotiations

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Despite procedural hiccups and ongoing debates on key issues, a first draft of a treaty will be ready for the next INC meeting in Nairobi later this year.

PepsiCo, UEFA Launch Circular Pilots During Champions League Finals

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Last weekend’s Women’s event was the first Champions League Final to deploy returnable service ware, starting a long-term collaboration in reducing waste at major sports events.

Deloitte, Salesforce, World Economic Forum Launch Yes San Francisco, Urban Sustainability Challenge

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The first location-based UpLink Challenge seeks solutions that will further position San Francisco as a model for resilient and inclusive cities of the future.

New Guidance Helps Every Company Function Be a Net-Zero Hero

While sustainability professionals may lead in setting net-zero targets and driving climate-action plans, it takes collaboration across every business function to enable the transformation needed to achieve net zero.

Finding Potential in Peers: The Importance of Pre-Competitive Partnerships

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. Industry leaders are forming pre-competitive pacts and deals to build ecosystems that support a circular economy or a net-zero roadmap. Here are three areas where pre-competitive partnerships can deliver material impact.

Purpose-Driven Partnerships Helping Brands Ratchet Up Promises, Create Shared Value

Panels and workshops at Brand-Led Culture Change explored how brands are forging creative partnerships to increase their positive impacts on a number of fronts.

Responding to Cultural Tipping Points: Co-Creating a Brand Culture for Good

Keynotes from day 2 of Brand-Led Culture Change shed light on collaborative behavior-change and stakeholder-engagement approaches that are changing the way brands are creating products, stories and strategies.

Regeneration, Reinvention and Revamping Retail: Finding the Sweet Spots to Drive Culture Change

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Opening keynotes at Brand-Led Culture Change featured insights from unconventional brand partnerships and keys to helping people and brands alike move beyond fear and embrace the changes we need to create a flourishing future for all.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Unveils Five-Year, Net-Positive Industry Strategy

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The Alliance’s vision for net-positive hospitality includes standardizing sustainability metrics across the industry and a shared vision for giving back to destination communities more than it takes.

Logitech Partners with iFixit to Advance Circularity Goals

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Increased ease of repairability will help to reduce e-waste and extend the life of Logitech devices, components and materials.

60+ Innovators Against Plastic Pollution Call for Pragmatic, Inclusive Global Plastics Treaty

rePurpose Global, The Ocean Cleanup launch alliance of leading plastic-waste solutionists dedicated to empowering balanced and informed policymaking.

High-Quality, Nature-Based Solutions in Indonesia: Allying with Communities, Restoring Ecosystems

When implemented thoughtfully, nature-based climate-action projects support biodiversity and connect communities, governments and other organizations to make long-lasting, impactful changes that no one group could do alone.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Launches Database of Circular Startups

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The Foundation invites businesses to discover startups through its Circular Startup Index to help accelerate innovation that facilitates transition to a circular economy.

2 Biotech Startups Are 3D Printing ‘Fish’ to Give the Ocean a Rest

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Mycorena and Revo Foods have combined mycelium-based protein and 3D printing to create a potential win-win for seafood fans and overexploited fish populations.

Coach Launches Community-Powered, Circular Sub-Brand, Coachtopia

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Coachtopia was co-created with a community of fashion enthusiasts, creatives, entrepreneurs, activists and more. Coach says it’s a platform for change in which Gen Z can help create the fashion future they want to see.

Food Companies: The Most Impactful Scope 3 Emissions Solutions Have Multiple Benefits

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Working towards halving food loss and waste by 2030 will help food and beverage companies mitigate their GHGs across all scopes. Supply chain collaborations and engagements that yield multiple environmental benefits are critical.

Ever Hear of SPF 5000+? By 2050, Skin Proud & Cat Cohen Say You Will

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. The vegan skincare brand partnered with the comedian and Intersectional Environmentalist on a parody video to educate consumers and inspire climate action.

Fashion Industry’s 4 Largest Women’s-Empowerment Programs ‘RISE’ to Scale Impact

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. RISE will build on the proven approaches and expertise of the four founding organizations, delivered through a growing network of local partners in Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Egypt and Pakistan.

Common Knowledge: Bring All Suppliers Along for Sustainable, Profitable Change

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Despite many big brands working hard to meet decarbonization remits, one key facet remains out of touch on the journey to net zero — engaging the entirety of a supply base.

PUMA Engaging ‘Voices of a Re:Generation’ to Help Shape Its Sustainability Strategy

The year-long partnership with four young influencers will explore actionable ways to implement feedback within PUMA’s business and sustainability strategies, while using the voices’ platforms to communicate PUMA’s efforts transparently and authentically.