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Farm to Plate: How Companies and Consumers are Catalyzing a More Regenerative Food System

Farm to Plate:
How Companies and Consumers are Catalyzing a More Regenerative Food System

Wednesday, 23 June 2021
1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT / 6:00pm BST / 7:00pm CEST
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To produce food while keeping the health of farming communities and our planet in mind, our food systems must become more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable. This includes rethinking every component of the production and supply chain. Food industry leaders today are taking a holistic approach to “farm to plate” – focusing on how food is grown, processed, marketed, and repurposed when it is no longer edible or useful.

We are at the nexus of healthy food production through regenerative agricultural practices, which positively impact climate change, corporate ESG efforts, investors' returns and the end user experience. Learn how the food industry is rethinking every step, including converting inedible food waste into carbon negative renewable natural gas that can also help to support America’s farm families.

Join us for a webinar moderated by Morgan Collins, Head of Sustainable Finance at Starbucks, to get an inside look at how food industry leaders Chobani, PepsiCo, and renewable energy producer Vanguard Renewables work with farmers to expand regenerative agriculture practices and incorporate these strategies in customer communications to build loyalty that impacts the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand key components of a regenerative food system including: direct farmer relationships and workers’ rights, regenerative production practices and soil health, recycling byproducts and waste into renewable energy, and the end user experience.
  • Gain insight into how major food companies are ensuring the transparency of sustainability during food production and how they are communicating these efforts
  • Learn how regenerative food production practices benefit consumers, plus how consumers are driving transparency and science-based targets.
  • Find out how brands can join the revolution and how companies working to achieve real progress have forged unprecedented, pre-collaborative alliances.
  • Explore what it really means. Is it enough? What does a more regenerative food supply mean? Will it cost more, and if so, will consumers see the value? And will this ultimately make a difference to human and planet health?

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John Hanselman
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Vanguard Renewables

John Hanselman is Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Vanguard Renewables — the U.S. leader in farm-based organics to renewable energy. John launched Vanguard Renewables in 2014 to connect farm-based anaerobic digestion to agricultural resilience and produce renewable energy. His work includes finding a decarbonization pathway for the food and beverage industry by enabling the repurposing of unavoidable manufacturing and supply chain waste into renewable natural gas. John’s strength is bringing together partners in the decarbonization journey and Vanguard has strategic partnerships with Dairy Farmers of America and Dominion Energy, among others. (Read more ...)

Morgan Collins
Head of Sustainable Finance

Morgan Collins heads Starbucks' Sustainable Finance program. With a global mandate, this program focuses primarily in the coffee, dairy, and waste spaces, building opportunities which blend positive impacts to People, Planet, and Profit. Investments in the program vary in scale and form and are crafted to positively impact Starbucks environmental footprint in a tangible and science-based manner.

Roberta Osborne
Director, Farms and Sustainability

Roberta is responsible for raw milk quality and animal welfare assurance at Chobani U.S. She works closely with all cooperatives and milk marketing organizations supplying Chobani to improve milk quality and verify animal care initiatives. Roberta hosts and conducts farm tours and teaches groups to ensure consumer confidence in Chobani’s product quality and animal care. She also participates in sustainability and communication outreach, and helps plan, implement and report out dairy sustainability initiatives.

Christine Daugherty
Vice President of Sustainable Agriculture & Responsible Sourcing

Christine drives PepsiCo’s short-term approach and long-term strategic direction to deliver transformation and innovation through sustainable and responsible sourcing solutions. She leads the sustainable sourcing and agricultural teams to deliver against relevant PepsiCo Performance with Purpose 2025 goals. Prior to PepsiCo, Christine worked at Tyson Foods, where she held various roles, most recently VP of Sustainable Food Production.

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