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The Restorative 20s: Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business
The Restorative 20s: Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business

The Restorative 20s:
Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business

Wednesday, 13 January 2021
2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT / 7:00pm BST / 8:00pm CEST
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This webinar will define, in practical business-friendly terms, what regeneration is, why it's critically important for the decade ahead, why it's on the rise at the moment and how it can be a win-win-win if done right. Speakers will provide a summary of the most essential principles of regenerative business and then dive into case studies already applying said principles in product innovation and supply chain management.

What you will learn

  • What regenerative business means, how it works in practice and what its relationship is to sustainability and sustainable business.
  • What industries regeneration is applicable to, and what company sizes are in a position to make the most use of it.
  • How to apply principles of regenerative business with respect to not only natural capital, but also social and human capital.
  • How to make the case for and communicate the benefits of regenerative practices to company leaders, suppliers, employees, consumers, and other stakeholders.
  • How to plan and measure company performance around regenerative product innovation, operations and supply chain management.

Want to learn more about regenerative business? Join Sustainable Brands at SB’21 San Diego, our hybrid (both live and virtual) flagship conference, taking place this October 18-21 in California.


Ethan Soloviev
Chief Innovation Officer

Ethan Soloviev is a farmer in upstate New York and the Chief Innovation Officer at, where he manages the world’s largest product sustainability database: 127 impact attributes across 33,000 unique ingredients and 1,000,000+ products.

Zachary Angelini
Environmental Stewardship Manager

Zack leads the development and implementation of Timberland’s global product sustainability strategy, setting public-facing goals and driving internal processes to achieve those goals. Zack also develops and manages strategic partnerships with NGOs and sustainable raw material suppliers that enable Timberland to pilot environmental product innovations, with a focus on regenerative sourcing.

Dimitar Vlahov
Global Dir Content Strat. & Thought Leadership
Sustainable Brands

Dimitar is a senior sustainability and regeneration strategist, educator, executive advisor and mentor. He currently holds the following active roles: Advisor and Co-Lead, Global Content Strategy & Thought Leadership at Sustainable Brands; Senior Strategist, Content Development & Product Innovation at Sustainability Hub Norway; Executive Advisor at rePurpose Global; and Senior Content Advisor at Integrate2033. He co-led the creation of the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap, a comprehensive navigation tool mapping the whole journey from business-as-usual to a sustainable brand, and co-designed an accompanying assessment process that measures progress in five dimensions: purpose, brand influence, operations and supply chain, products and services, and governance.

Danielle Peltier Andrews
Director of Sustainability, Business Integration & Human Rights
General Mills

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