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Antony Yousefian

Antony Yousefian, VP of Climate & Circularity at Wiliot, is deeply committed to leveraging advanced technologies for fostering a regenerative economy. With a background in investment banking and a track record of founding Agtech and ClimateTech solutions, Antony recognizes and supports the potential of these technologies to instigate systemic change. He continues to actively back innovators in the sustainability sector through his advisory roles and involvement in impact venture capital.

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We Can Eat Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis
We Can Eat Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

The Next Economy / Applied to food supply chains, ambient IoT allows farmers, distributors, grocers, regulators and consumers to know where food came from, how far it traveled, how it was transported and stored, and what condition it’s in — in real time. - 10 months ago