Guillaume de Vesvrotte

Co-Founder, We Don't Need Roads

Passionate game changer & team leader, entrepreneur, advisor and executive director, Guillaume co-created Patte Blanche, a B-Corp certified “Best For The World” communication agency pioneering sustainability, social innovation and branding for global companies; led the charge at Pixelis, a B-Corp certified “Best For The World” branding agency and a global game changers community; launched Sustainable Brands Paris, the major event in Europe on Sustainability and Innovation, and co-founded We Don’t Need Roads, a global business initiative dedicated to reinventing, creating and scaling positive impact at its core. Guillaume also sits on the Advisory Board of Sustainable Brands.

We Don't Need Roads was born from the encounter of two dreamers, driven by the entrepreneur mindset and the frustration of not seeing change happening fast enough. The desire to gather a pack of business women and men animated by common values and the will to change things together, led to the creation of a new kind of agile, free, flat and ecosystemic company which aims to create and amplify large projects having a positive impact on the planet and people.

Using and building his reinvention communities and networks, hunting green and social start-ups, Guillaume walks the Earth to find new sustainable solutions and connect them to the global brands and impact entrepreneurs he is nourishing and designing the future of.

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6 Ways to Shift Business for Real, Positive Impact
6 Ways to Shift Business for Real, Positive Impact

Leadership / To answer the call of this climate emergency, we need business to shift from being ‘less negative’ to being ‘for good,’ and to redefine ‘profit’ to include social and environmental benefit. - 3 years ago

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