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Hugh Bowring

Freelance writer

Hugh Bowring is a versatile freelance communications specialist with a rich and varied career spanning nearly 15 years.

He has freelanced on and off between jobs for several years, but decided to go full steam ahead as a committed freelancer in March 2015. Before that, he was working as a communications advisor for a global sustainability non-profit, and before that was the media lead for The Coldest Journey expedition led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Bowring was previously a senior reporter for the UK’s largest morning regional newspaper and an award-winning environmental correspondent for its sister paper. He is also the founder of a successful business selling eco-friendly products and has authored two editions of a self-help book on sustainable living.

Hugh Bowring is tagged in 2 stories.
Net Zero in Practice: How Brands Can Turn Targets Into Action
Net Zero in Practice: How Brands Can Turn Targets Into Action

Walking the Talk / The scope and scale of the challenge presented by climate change is dawning on consumers, putting mounting pressure on brands to act in their wider interests — and fast. Going net zero offers a real solution, but how do businesses get there? - 3 years ago

5 Top Tips for Future-Proofing Your Supply Chain
5 Top Tips for Future-Proofing Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain / Taylors of Harrogate prides itself on quality teas and coffees, but beyond the brew the company has also established a reputation as an industry leader in ethical trading. - 5 years ago

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