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Nathan Sanfaçon


Nathan Sanfaçon is a strategist at thinkPARALLAX, a branding and communications agency focused on articulating and amplifying their clients’ environmental and social impact, and lead author of whitepaper: The Formula for Communicating ESG.

Nathan works with the sustainability teams of Fortune 500 companies to more effectively communicate their sustainability initiatives with the aim of achieving the highest return on impact. He has authored and contributed to a wide variety of thought leadership content ranging from topics such as brands taking a stand, improving ESG ratings, culture strengthening, and purpose-driven marketing. He holds a BS from the University of Colorado Boulder in Business Marketing and a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility.

With a last name that fittingly translates to ‘come as you are’, Nathan Sanfaçon (pronounced San-fah-sawn, and no, he does not speak French) is a values-driven leader, inherent problem solver, and fervent supporter of using business as a force for good. Originally from a small ski town in Colorado, Nathan earned his degree in Marketing and Socially Responsible Enterprises at the University of Colorado Boulder before moving west to live by the ocean and learn to surf. Nathan’s natural interest in sustainability and CSR gravitated him to thinkPARALLAX, where he helps to evolve the agency's brand and works with clients on high-level strategy. He is passionate about empowering organizations to discover and celebrate their impact, in turn creating meaningful change and catalyzing long-term success. In his free time, you’ll find Nathan anywhere outdoors: backpacking, fly fishing, skiing, (still) learning to surf the San Diego waves, sailing, or playing beach volleyball.

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