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Sophie Beckham

Senior Manager of Natural Capital Stewardship
International Paper

Sophie Beckham is the Senior Manager of Natural Capital Stewardship at International Paper, where she manages a diverse array of initiatives aimed at improving International Paper’s environmental footprint and promoting the long-term sustainability of natural resources.

Prior to joining International Paper, Sophie applied her training as a forester to work in domestic and foreign contexts, holding positions with forest management organizations and home furnishings retailers. Sophie’s interest in the transformation of materials into products that people use every day stems from a lifetime spent exploring the ways in which people rely on natural resources; and in turn, the impact our decisions have on people and planet. Early formative experiences on trails, in tents, and in forests and foreign countries contributed to a professional journey that has been dedicated to advancing sustainable business practices in consumer goods and manufacturing sectors for the past sixteen years.

She holds a Master of Forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

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