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Monadnock Develops Eco-Friendly Label for Craft Beers

Monadnock Paper Mills, which manufactures technical and specialty printing and packaging papers, recently announced the availability of an uncoated product designed specifically for craft beer made from 100 percent FSC-certified, post-consumer waste fibers.

Made in New England, home to many iconic craft brews, Monadnock says its Envi Label offers American brewers a home-grown source for label stock that upholds brewers’ commitments to quality and sustainability with no compromises in performance or aesthetics.

Monadnock claims there is usually a trade-off for an uncoated, textured feel. In order for a label to stand up to submersion and not peel, disintegrate or fall off, it usually is necessary to use mostly virgin pulp. Conversely, if brewers want to be eco-conscious, there is always a compromise in how that material stands up in the print process or in the cooler. Monadnock says its new label is the best of both worlds.

“Legacy Label from DWS Printing is unique because it’s the only product that meets our brewery's commitments to innovative packaging as well as environmental sustainability,” said Jordan Bamforth, creative director at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. “It works well on our packaging line and gives us a green alternative to a standard C1S beer label." Legacy Label is a private label brand sold exclusively by DWS Printing (supplied by Monadnock) for the craft beverage market.

Monadnock’s Envi Label is available to beverage brands manufacturer-direct or through select print partners, including DWS Printing, as part of its Envi Portfolio of fiber-based paper and packaging products for sustainable brands.

Craft brewers have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainability. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and two dozen other craft brewers recently partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to support strong clean water policies. The “Brewers for Clean Water” campaign focuses on protecting the brewing industry’s key ingredient: clean water.


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