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LEDs Help Rooms To Go Reduce Store Energy Use Up to 45%

Rooms To Go has converted 115 of its retail stores to LED lighting, reducing average energy use by 35 to 45 percent in each store, the furniture company recently announced.

In 2010, the retailer began the switch from 60-watt halogen track lamps to energy-efficient 16- and 18-watt LED lamps and expects a full project investment payback in less than a year.

The company says it also has reduced energy consumption by selecting a wider optical beam-spread for the LED lamps, using a 25-degree angle rather than the 12-degree angle employed for most halogen lights. This has resulted in more efficient lighting and decreased the number of lamps per store by as much as 10 percent. LED lamps also produce less heat, which decreases air-conditioning demand and improves store energy efficiency.

Rooms To Go engaged the energy-management company Real Win Win to assist with taking advantage of utility rebate incentive programs to help cover the initial cost of switching to LED lighting in more than 45 of its stores. By using more than 16 utility rebate programs designed to promote energy efficiency through the introduction of new technologies, the company’s conversion project presents an investment payback in under 12 months.

“Lighting is a significant component of any company’s energy use,” said Bob Balzar, vice president for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response at utility TVA. “Switching to more efficient LED lighting is shown to reduce energy consumption, save on maintenance costs and provide more lighting color and control flexibility and options. We appreciate businesses like Rooms to Go that are willing to invest in energy efficiency improvements and help lower the overall energy demand.”

Last year, Ikea announced a goal of becoming energy independent by 2020, by converting all lighting to LEDs and utilizing renewable energy sources.


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