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Lime Green:
A Commitment to Our Colors

Sustainability is at the core of Lime’s mission.

Over the last 16 months, we’ve led an exciting mobility shift towards free-floating scooters and bikes in communities across the U.S. and Europe. The resulting 13+ million trips have underlined a growing demand worldwide for cleaner air, safer infrastructure and more sustainable mobility options.

But rides alone are not enough.

At a time when the transportation industry leads the world in CO2 emissions, we must all do more to support meaningful environmental stewardship.

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That’s why Lime is thrilled to announce the launch of Lime Green, an exciting initiative that will encompass the full range of our sustainability efforts.

Chief among these is our commitment to operating a completely carbon-neutral fleet. Now, whether you’re riding a scooter in Prague or an e-bike in Seattle, you can breathe easy knowing your trip will be powered with 100 percent carbon-free electricity.

We’re proud to take this definitive stand on eliminating our carbon emissions, and to help lead the way forward on the journey towards truly sustainable urban mobility.

Through our partnership with NativeEnergy, an industry leader in building new renewable energy and carbon offset projects, we’ll be:

  • Investing in a portfolio to help build new renewable energy projects, beginning with a new solar project in Iowa that will green our fleet in Minneapolis
  • Buying renewable energy from the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm in Texas to green our fleet in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio
  • Offsetting the remaining fuel-based carbon emissions associated with our entire fleet of operations vehicles via verified projects in NativeEnergy’s portfolio, including new projects that will reduce carbon emissions for years to come

And this is just the beginning.

Together with sustainability experts, we’ll be reevaluating our energy portfolio in the coming months to find even more ways to tie renewables to our daily operations, including purchasing sources of clean energy directly from local utilities to assist with our operations.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned as we continue to live by our commitment to the environment by creating new, innovative ways for you to keep riding green!

This post first appeared on the Lime blog on October 9, 2018.


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