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From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together
New Podcast Focuses on Sustainability ‘Game Changers’ Including Advanced Recycling, Circularity Policy

Since we last dove into “Plastics Unwrapped,” Dow and its guests have continued to cover some of the most impressive innovations in the plastics industry, while also exploring solutions to our most daunting sustainability challenges.

Want to learn from cutting-edge case studies on sustainability? Or the latest tactic in weaving together a circular economy? Through its recently launched "Plastics Unwrapped" podcast, Dow continues to explore the world of sustainability and plastics as a space for industry leaders and brand owners to share ideas and generate action for our collective zero-waste goals.

According to the World Economic Forum, 95 percent of the value of plastic packaging material is lost to the economy due to linear supply chains and traditional mechanical recycling systems. In the latest episodes of Plastics Unwrapped, sustainability experts — from Fuenix Energy to Mr. Green Africa — lay out solutions to make a dent in addressing this stark percentage.

Since we last dove into “Plastics Unwrapped,” Dow and its guests have continued to cover some of the most impressive innovations in the plastics industry, while also exploring solutions to daunting sustainability challenges — such as combatting plastic waste and mitigating risks brought on by climate change.

Listeners can tune into Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts to find out more:

  • Episode Four: Advanced Recycling (27:23) – Listen to an expert panel discuss recent developments and next steps for advanced recycling technology — also known as “chemical recycling” — that converts hard-to-recycle and mixed plastic waste into its basic chemical elements, allowing waste to become infinitely recyclable. Dow's Carsten Larsen, Commercial Director for Recycling; Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland; and Sirt Mellema, CEO of Fuenix Ecogy Group, break down why advanced recycling is a game-changer for the plastics industry, consumers, packaging and sustainability more broadly.

  • Episode Five: African Landscapes (21:49) – Hear Dow’s Adwoa Coleman, Africa Sustainability & Advocacy Manager; Arese Lucia Onaghise, Executive Secretary at The Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance; and Keiran Smith, CEO and co-Founder of recycling company Mr. Green Africa, explore Africa’s burgeoning circular economy, while also touching on emerging markets’ challenges keeping waste out of landfills. They discuss the numerous infrastructural and technological opportunities in Africa — including how key collaborations can help close the loop and why designing for recyclability can unlock what’s possible.

  • Episode Six: Plastics and the European Green Deal (22:41) – Dow’s Director of EU Affairs, Dennis Kredler, is joined by Plastic Europe’s Director of External Affairs, David Carroll, to discuss the EU’s Green Deal and what it means for the plastics industry. Kredler and Carroll discuss the content and ambitions of the Green Deal, the opportunities and challenges it presents for the plastic industry, and what actions organizations such as Dow are taking to ensure they meet the Green Deal’s goal of circularity and climate neutrality by 2050.

Tune in here to listen to Dow’s recent conversations and stay up to date on the latest conversations with some of the most impressive industry leaders today.

Realizing a circular future for plastics requires every stakeholder working together. That's why Dow is taking an innovative systems approach to identify the gaps, connect the best partners and disrupt how the world values, sources, transforms and monetizes plastic waste.

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