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Association of Climate Change Officers Unveils First Professional Credentialing Program

The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) has announced its first professional certificate under the CCO Certification program.

The Climate Governance Certificate provides a recognized credential to professionals who have developed the competencies and knowledge to integrate an understanding of climate change and related implications into their decision-making.

The requirements and supporting curriculum that have been established for the certificate address a fundamental understanding of climate science and risk assessment, footprint management and reduction strategies, project finance and economic analysis related to climate initiatives, governance and engagement tactics and enterprise strategy. ACCO says bearers of the certificate will be recognized by hiring authorities and leaders as being candidates who are best suited to meaningfully address climate change in their professional roles.

The curriculum for this certificate requires approximately 40 hours of training on core climate change fundamentals and organizational strategy, electives tailored by sector, function and geographical region, as well the completion of a work-related practicum project.

Is Carbon Labeling Right for You? Hint: the answer is ‘Yes’

If you are considering carbon labels and wondering if it is worth the investment in time and resources, then this session is for you! Join us on June 9 at Brand-Led Culture Change as brands and organizations at the forefront of carbon-labeling — HelloFresh, HowGood, Just Salad and WRI — share how they got started, the opportunities and challenges associated with this endeavor, and why it has ultimately paid off.

ACCO launched the CCO Certification program to standardize the role of the climate change professional, as well as to formalize climate change education and training across a broad range of other key professions. The program's requirements are based upon the Core Competencies for Climate Change Officers and Professionals, a doctrine that was developed by ACCO and published in 2013 after a public-comment process.

Education initiatives such as this could prove critical to advancing sustainability in business. Although some say business culture should be the aim of sustainability leaders, it is equally important for business leaders to factor climate impacts into formulating sustainability strategies.


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