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Four new members join the Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 Network

Procter & Gamble, a multi-national consumer goods corporation which specialises in cleaning agents, personal care and hygiene products, and has operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide. The company has been working to incorporate circularity into their supply chain for many years, and indeed, P&G's focus on waste has allowed their global facilities to successfully divert over 5 million tonnes of would be waste from landfills since 2008. They have recently announced their Ambition 2030 for the decade ahead which includes commitments to reduce their supply chain footprint and striving to drive circular solutions. Two specific targets include 100% renewable electricity and cutting GHG emissions in half at P&G sites.

Lucart is Europe’s largest producer of MG (machine glazed) paper for flexible packaging and one of the top 10 European manufacturers of paper and tissue products. The company’s recycling initiatives include the Natural Project, and in 2010, the invention of 'EcoNatural', the PAPER+DISPENSER system that gives new life to beverage cartons. Lucart continues to explore new business initiatives and look for an alternative to virgin fibres for the production of hygiene paper articles. The company aims to move the paper industry from adopting a linear approach to one that is circular and produces and markets products that are good for both consumer health and the environment.

Du Pont Biomaterials works on a global scale to develop renewable biomaterials which work towards solving the challenges their customers face with sustainable packaging. The company provides renewable core ingredients for better life cycle analysis, a responsible end-of-life story, and those which are easily integrated into existing supply chains and production systems, from food and cosmetics, to apparel and carpeting. Du Pont Biomaterials want to continue building partnerships that increase the adoption of trusted brands and emerging technologies which advance the principles of a circular economy and deliver cross sector value.

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Engaging Consumers on the Scope 3 Emissions Journey

Hear from Kohler, Logitech, Procter & Gamble and Visa as they share lessons learned from each company's efforts to bring consumers along on their sustainability journeys to address Scope 3 emissions and make impact at scale — at SB'22 San Diego.

MUD Jeans is a Dutch denim brand that has taken the most popular fashion item in the world - a pair of jeans to put the principles of the circular economy into practice. Combining organic and recycled denim, when worn down, MUD Jeans takes back your old jeans, and thanks to innovative recycling techniques, gives them a second life. MUD Jeans' recycling process ensures that all raw materials are reused and that waste is eliminated. High on the agenda of MUD Jean’s current circular initiatives is eradicating textile waste and the company’s carbon footprint. They are also researching how to get a 100% cellulose-based yarn and want to increase their level of transparency.


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