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Press Release
In Both Football and Corporate Responsibility, No One Wins Alone

Mark Hunter, President and CEO of Molson Coors, gives his perspective on the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report released by Molson Coors this week:

The 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report details the progress we continue to make in growing our positive Beer Print and working toward our 2020 sustainability targets.

Growing up in Scotland, I knew early on that I wanted to be a professional footballer (or soccer player, as Americans refer to it) when I was older. As a young player, I was lucky enough to learn from a renowned coach who went on to great things at Manchester United. He said that no one player wins the game – it’s always a team effort. Though my childhood dream did not come true, I still carry with me the lessons learned on the field.

Today, as Molson Coors releases our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, I am reminded that no one wins alone and excellence is never easy. The work we’ve done this year on Our Beer Print is truly a collective effort among all of you, our nearly 9,000 employees across the globe. It’s clear you are as convinced as I am that everything we do, from the way we brew and sell our beer, to the way we develop and engage our employees, must deliver on our ambition to be the First Choice for Consumers and Customers, including our partners. Our Beer Print and our 2020 Sustainability Strategy are vital touchstones on that journey.

In this simple infographic, you can see the fruits of our collective effort by the progress we are making against Our Beer Print targets:

  • Recognized on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the fourth year; fifth year on the North American Index
  • Reduced water use by 233,000 litres – equivalent to the average annual use of 468 households
  • Reduced water intensity by 15% in all brewery operations
  • Achieved 43% of our 2020 targeted energy reductions
  • Completed three waste water treatment plants that generate biogas to power our breweries
  • Completed alcohol responsibility training for 85% of employees
  • Invested $7.1 million of pre-tax profits in community investments
  • Engaged nearly 5,000 Molson Coors employees in Our Beer Print Month with more than 50 employee events across our business

Alcohol responsibility and water stewardship continue to be priority focus areas for us.

Each year, throughout Our Beer Print month, we encourage teams across the globe to volunteer to protect our watersheds and participate in water stewardship education programs.

A great example of our alcohol responsibility program in action is “Partners for Safer Communities.” Launched by Beer Canada in 2015, the program promotes the use of designated drivers, reduces the incidence of drunk driving and prevents underage drinking. Employees across Canada visited customers and dropped off material on correct ID checking and the responsible service of alcohol. Employees were also asked to Take The Pledge to not drink and drive, and to encourage their friends and family to do the same. I’m particularly proud of this initiative, as it was an industry first that brought competitors together to advance social goals.

As we look forward to welcoming MillerCoors into the Molson Coors family later this year, teamwork will become increasingly important to our business. We will create a bigger, better beer company – and with that comes even greater responsibility. I am committed to keeping Our Beer Print agenda on course and am optimistic and resolute that our focus on doing business the right way will produce excellence for our whole team.