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Kohler Launches Six-Minute Shower Challenge to Bonnaroo Attendees

According to research from the EPA WaterSense® program, the average American adult spends 8 minutes in the shower, using about 18 gallons of water each time they lather up.* Kohler, a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products, encourages consumers to reduce their water usage by 25 percent by cutting their shower time by two minutes.

As part of its sponsorship of the shower facilities at the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee June 9-12, Kohler urges concertgoers to take the #CommitToSix pledge before they shower, and sing along with the KOHLER Moxie Bluetooth-enabled showerheads in the facilities. For every pledge made at, Kohler in partnership with the Bonnaroo Works Fund will donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy, up to $10,000, to support restoration of the nearby Duck River, which winds through the middle of Tennessee and is the water source for the Bonnaroo festival. In addition, Kohler encourages attendees and consumers across the U.S. to install WaterSense-labeled showerheads in their homes if they haven’t already, which can further reduce water use by 20 percent or more.**

Last year 36,000 Bonnaroo attendees took showers during the four-day festival, and Kohler hopes many will choose to make the #CommitToSix pledge this year. In addition, the campaign extends beyond the event itself. All music lovers and water-conscious consumers can join the effort by visiting between June 6 and August 31 and pledging to reduce their shower time.

“Whether you sing in the shower or not, pledging to cut just a few minutes of shower time is a simple way that festival-goers, music fans and everyone else can reduce water use,” says Rob Zimmerman, senior manager of sustainability at Kohler. “It’s important for people to understand that the amount of water they use directly impacts the quality and health of the local rivers and lakes where they live, and in many parts of the country, the very ability to have enough water for the community.”

The Duck River, like many waterways in growing population centers, faces increased storm-water runoff, sewage treatment discharge, and chemical runoff from farmland. Since 1999 the Nature Conservancy has worked to conserve this resource with local communities by developing “smart growth” land-use plans, addressing water supply issues, and providing financial assistance to farmers to manage river banks and protect aquatic life. Today the Duck River is a healthy river for wildlife while also serving as a water source for more than 250,000 people.

Kohler Co. and the Kohler Trust for Preservation have worked with The Nature Conservancy on previous water restoration efforts, including projects in Wisconsin where Kohler Co. is headquartered. With a long history of supporting water efficiency and sustainability in its products, the company sponsors numerous educational programs and awareness campaigns to encourage responsible use of water supplies. Kohler is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the U.S. Green Building Council and has been recognized by the EPA WaterSense program for excellence and partnership in each of the last eight years.

*Average shower lasts 8.2 minutes; standard showerhead has a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm).
** Depending on flow rate of existing showerhead and WaterSense model selected.


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