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Procter & Gamble Joins GreenBlue’s How2Recycle Label Program Encouraging At-Home Recycling

GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) today announced that The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) has joined the organization’s How2Recycle Label program. Procter & Gamble (P&G) will initially carry the label on their Dawn dishwashing liquid packaging, a product already known for its environmental efforts, including its use to clean animals affected by oil spills.

P&G, a leading member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition since 2008, joins more than 30 How2Recycle members dedicated to helping consumers recycle their products the right way with clear and simple on-package instructions.

“We’re excited to welcome P&G to How2Recycle. Seeing the How2Recycle Label on Dawn brand products will help bring much-needed visibility to the importance of recycling plastics like these,” said Anne Bedarf, Senior Manager of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. “While the public generally recognizes the recyclability of plastic bottles, recycling rates remain relatively low.”

Dawn packaging will carry the Widely Recycled Label, indicating that the majority of U.S. consumers can recycle the plastic PET bottle. The How2Recycle Label occasionally requires additional language to encourage proper recycling. In this instance, the label will include a special message of “Empty and Replace Cap” to ensure that consumers recycle the plastic cap attached to their empty bottle. Recent technology improvements have made it possible to recycle plastic caps with their containers, allowing for better plastic material recovery and assisting in litter prevention, which may come as a change to many consumers.

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Consumers can visit to find out more about recycling locations including curbside bins, store drop-off locations, and unique recycling opportunities.

ABOUT HOW2RECYCLE How2Recycle is a program of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). How2Recycle’s goal is to create a clear, well-understood, and nationally harmonized label that allows industry to communicate clear recycling instructions to consumers.

To learn more about the program or how to join, visit For How2Recycle program updates, please join our newsletter at and follow us on Twitter @How2Recycle.

ABOUT GREENBLUE AND THE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING COALITION GreenBlue® is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society. GreenBlue brings together key stakeholders to encourage innovation and best practices to promote the creation of a more sustainable materials economy. GreenBlue’sSustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC) is an industry working group dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging. The SPC brings together business, educational institutions, and government agencies to build packaging systems that encourage economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials. To learn more, or follow us on Twitter @greenblueorg.


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