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Press Release
Redesigning Good Business in a Shifting Landscape

3 things we are looking forward to at Sustainable Brands ‘18

At Rolland, we’ve always believed that businesses can do more – and data shows that consumers’ priorities are continuing to shift toward that end too. Today’s consumers are expecting more transparency, meaning, and simplicity from the brands they trust. We believe that transparency is the currency of sustainability, and by collaborating with other green-minded companies at SB’18 Vancouver, we can all work toward the changing vision of The Good Life.

We are also the conference’s proud paper supplier, so all conference materials will be printed on Rolland’s Enviro Satin. This means we have a great opportunity to share our passion for sustainable paper with over 3,000 attendees and bring awareness to the many environmental and economic benefits of switching to recycled paper. This is important—because as more and more companies are rejecting the idea of “going paperless,” it’s clear that paper is here to stay, and knowing how to choose the right paper is a critical first step toward a more sustainable business world.

Our experience at last year’s conference exposed us to eye-opening research, useful tools, inspirational presentations and great conversations we had with like-minded companies. Here are three things we’re looking forward to:

1. Redesigning Brand Purpose
One focus of this year’s conference is learning how to define and embed social and environmental purpose in a brand. At Rolland, sustainability is in our DNA and we firmly believe that transparency has been a powerful catalyst in getting us here. It’s all there in our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, which examines our paper’s life from raw materials extraction through to manufacturing, distribution and disposal. An LCA provides scientific proof behind the manufacturing of our products—and we are the only paper manufacturer to publish this information. It helps us measure and reveal the environmental impacts of our processes to better develop sustainability programs and make decisions that affect long-term results for our business and our customers.

2. Redesigning Supply Chains
The conference will also touch upon how to evolve supplier relationships and tools, to tackle critical issues in complex supply chains. There is no limit to the value of knowing where your supplies come from, and how to identify suppliers that are good for both business and the environment. As a manufacturer of recycled paper with up to 100 percent post-consumer waste content, we at Rolland are proud to say that our main source of raw material is the “urban forest” – recycling bins in cities and towns across the American Northeast, Ontario and Quebec. Recycled fiber facilities—like our own facilities in Wisconsin and Quebec—transform this post-consumer waste (PCW) into premium recycled fiber that feeds paper mills. Beyond our commitment to the environment through our sustainable manufacturing processes, our recycled fiber facilities “close the loop”; residues generated in our manufacturing processes are land-farmed – transported to farmers and reused to feed their soil. This makes us part of a circular economy.

3. Redesigning Cross Sector Collaboration
Finally, we can’t wait to hear more about how companies across different sectors can partner to tackle complex challenges, as we believe collaboration is key to making lasting change. That’s why we partner with organizations such as LUSH, Cirque du Soleil, Burton and others—not only by providing their businesses with high-quality, sustainable paper, but by sharing ideas on how to best incorporate sustainability into the future of our businesses. For example, in our “Conversations with Green Champions,” Rolland President Philip Rundle asks sustainability-minded organizations who use Rolland’s commercial papers about their approach to environmental responsibility.

There is no doubt that it is an exciting time in the industry, especially as more and more consumers are seeing the benefits of sustainable business. We are thrilled to see so many companies making the environment a priority and look forward to sharing ideas with thought leaders in this space. See you June 4-7 for #SB18Vancouver!

By Renée Yardley, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rolland

Originally published on Rolland's Blog. Read more here.