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Sustainable Brands Community Reveals Leading-Edge Business Performance Metrics

The Sustainable Brands® community announces several initiatives focused on identifying, measuring and quantifying entirely new forms of business risk and value. Global senior executives across diverse industry sectors are convening at New Metrics ’14 in Cambridge, MA today to launch research results and initiatives that quantify environmental and social impacts and tie them to financial performance.

Co-Presented this year by MIT Sloan School of Management Sustainability Initiative, New Metrics ’14 showcases the following companies with either exclusive launches or results presented for the first time to a live audience.

National Geographic and GlobeScan announce the latest round of international research measuring and monitoring progress toward environmentally sustainable consumption around the world. Speaking Friday, Sept. 26: Terry Garcia, Chief Science and Exploration Officer, National Geographic; Eric Whan, Director, Sustainability Practice, GlobeScan. Global Trends and Drivers in Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyles: The Latest Greendex Results.

BASF announces the Sustainable Solution Steering method used to systematically review and evaluate the sustainability aspects of products in their portfolio. Speaking Thursday, Sept 25: Dirk Voeste, VP of Sustainability Strategy, BASF. How to Influence a Multitude of Industries and Markets: Next-level Applied Sustainability Measurement from a Key Upstream Player.

New avenues in brand transparency

Join us as we dig into the growing trend around product transparency (through eco labels, carbon labels, smart packaging and more) and the brands leading the charge, at Brand-Led Culture Change — May 22-24.

Exclusive first look at preliminary results of comprehensive research study on human capital valuation. Speaking Friday, Sept. 26: Steph Sharma, Managing Partner, Lead the Difference. Human Capital Valuation through the Lens of Human Centric Organizations.

New insights from a field guide on measuring shared value debuts from the Shared Value Initiative. Speaking Thursday, Sept 25: Kyle Peterson, Managing Director, FSG. It Takes a Village: A New Measurement Model for Companies Creating Shared Value. A breakout discussion follows later in the afternoon with Cora Olsen, ESG Data Manager, Global Stakeholder Engagement, Novo Nordisk AS; Veronica Nyhan Jones, Strategic Community Investment Lead, IFC

Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) makes an important announcement and shares a preview of GISR’s new platform for sustainability and credit ratings. Speaking Thursday, Sept. 25: Dr. Allen White, Founder, Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) ESG and the Credit Rating Frontier: GISR & the Future of Measuring Corporate Sustainability Performance. A breakout discussion follows later in the afternoon with Mark Tulay, Program Manager, GISR; Bob Mann, Chief Operating Officer, Sustainalytics; Andrew Park, Senior Sustainability Strategist, Bloomberg; Steve Leffin, Director, Global Sustainability, UPS

TripAdvisor launches customer insight results measuring perception of sustainability initiatives and attributes in the hotel industry. Speaking Friday, Sept 26: Jenny Rushmore, Director of Responsible Travel, TripAdvisor. Tapping into Unprompted Responses to Measure Customer Perception of Sustainability Initiatives and Attributes.

PR****é Sustainability reveals a handbook for quantifying a product’s social footprint. Speaking Thursday, Sept 25: João Fontes, Social Footprinting Expert, PRé Sustainability; Charles Duclaux, Head of Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Environmental Innovation, L’Oréal. Quantifying a Product’s #SocialFootprint: The Next Stepping Stone in Assessing Product Sustainability. A breakout discussion follows later in the afternoon with Lindsay Clinton, Director, SustainAbility; Sébastien Zinch, Manager, Eco-design and Life-Cycle Assessment, Steelcase; Dirk Voeste, VP of Sustainability Strategy, BASF

The Center for Sustainable Organizations introduces a pilot of the MultiCapital Scorecard™ - an integrated measurement and reporting system that meets the IIRC standard. Speaking Thursday, Sept 25: Mark McElroy, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Organizations; Rob Michalak, Global Director of Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s. The MultiCapital ScoreCard™: Concept and Pilot Application

How Good introduces a tool that enables informed purchasing decisions through new in-store labels and shares up-to-date insights on customer reactions to How Good labels. Speaking Friday, Sept 26: Alexander Gillett, CEO, How Good. Enabling Informed and Impactful Purchasing Decisions through Effective In-Store Labels.

“Sustainable Brands recognized and first convened a group of innovative business leaders in 2011 at the first New Metrics event to spur aggressive action toward translating previously ignored environmental and social impacts into corporate financial performance indicators,” states KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder of Sustainable Brands. “Doing so opened critical insight into key business metrics that are informing next generation goals. We are pleased to showcase these companies who are coming together to create and accelerate shift to new norms.”

Co-Sponsored by MIT Sloan School of Management Sustainability Initiative, New Metrics ’14 receives further support from BASF, HP and Tennaxia. Offsetters is the official carbon offset partner. Media and affiliate partners include: CFO Magazine, MIT Sloan Management Review, Triple Pundit, Forum for the Future, Climate Counts and others. For further information, visit or call 415.626.2212.


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