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Waste Not
Nike’s New Shanghai Store Is 100% Rubbish

Sportswear giant Nike’s new concept store in Shanghai has been constructed using waste materials including more than 5,000 drinks cans and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs.

All of the building’s materials were ‘urban mined’ and recycled from consumer lifestyle rubbish. And no glue has been used, meaning that all materials can be 100% re-recycled separately, too.

The old compact discs and DVDs make up 1,000 translucent origami RiceFOLD ceiling panels, reinforced with Rice Husk SiO2, a natural organic mechanical strengthening additive. And the building, known as Nike X158 Hyper Nature, uses 2,000 metres of tension cables made from 2,000 post-consumer recycled water bottles.

Miniwiz recently completed the world’s largest building using 1.5 million plastic bottles. Known as the EcoARK, the building weighs half as much as a normal building but is strong enough to withstand the natural elements, including fire, according to the company.

Miniwiz — whose products include PolliBricks, a wall system made from 100% recycled PET, and Natrilon, a fiber made with 100% recycled PET bottles — now plans to expand further into the US and China.

As part of its commitment to helping design a more sustainable future, in July Nike launched a new app called MAKING, to help designers and product creators make informed decisions about the environmental impacts of the materials they choose.

This post first appeared on the 2degrees network on August 30, 2013.


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