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DuPont-Stella McCartney Partnership Yields World’s First Bio-based Faux Fur

The pioneer in sustainable luxury apparel worked with DuPont Biomaterials and Ecopel to create the next generation of luxurious alternatives to fur, resulting in a sustainable faux fur made with Sorona® bio-based fibers.

Trending: Collaborations Fostering Next-Gen Solutions for Coffee Cups, Paper Packaging

Environmental NGO Canopy rallies apparel brands around better paper packaging; and six graduates of the NextGen Circular Business Accelerator prepare to bring their their sustainable coffee cup solutions to market.

Can There Be Harmony Between Plastics and Sustainability? Greiner Says Yes.

Plastics companies are key to solving our plastics problem. We spoke with Stefan Grafenhorst, Head of Sustainability at Greiner, to find out more about the path toward making plastic a sustainable material.

Meet the Latest 12 Startups Set to Change Fashion as We Know it

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Innovations in garment fitting, recycling, intelligent machinery and a virtual garment marketplace are among the 12 new innovations joining the latest Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator Programme.

Q&A: Shaw on Flooring That’s Good for More Than the Feet

The floor beneath our feet can mean so little, or so much. We caught up with Susan Farris, VP of Sustainability Corporate Communications, to learn more about how Shaw’s focus on sustainability is evolving alongside the market.

Trending: Sustainability Concerns Turning the Tide on Sunscreens

Through CVS’ elimination of coral-damaging compounds and research pointing to cashew shells as a non-toxic alternative, tomorrow’s sunscreens could end up protecting more than our skin.

Trending: Waste-Free Personal Care Products Set to Revolutionize Industry

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Blueland debuts another plastic-free offering, Lush develops carbon-positive packaging, and Maiiro calls out the beauty industry’s ‘Pack of Lies’ in a new plastic-awareness campaign.

Beverage Giants Up the Ante on Efforts to Reverse Plastic Pollution

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Molson Coors, Dasani and Poland Spring all unveil ambitious plans to eliminate problematic single-use plastic from their packaging — and help keep consumers up to speed on what’s #NotTrash.

Solving the Problem of Plastic Waste Is About Value Creation

Plastic in and of itself is not the problem — creating value for it is key to ensuring it doesn’t just get thrown “away.” Here are just a few of the innovations eliminating the idea of [plastic] waste.

Not Your Mother’s Raincoat: Meet the Latest in Sustainably Weatherproof Clothing

This week, VF Corp announced it will throw $20M of its weight behind the upcoming launch of The North Face’s revolutionary FutureLight fabric; and G-Star Raw launched its sustainably weatherproof Citishield jeans for men.

Ekoa: The Wonder Material That Could Help Save the Rainforests

Merely slowing our rate of deforestation won't cut it if humanity is going to make a dent in climate change — major disruptions are needed. That's where Ekoa comes in.

Partnerships, Education Helping Braskem Pave Way Toward a Circular Future

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. With dedication to research, investment in technology and partnerships, Braskem has been transforming the plastics value chain.

Home Is Where the Heart — and Our Health — Is

In this four-part series, Shaw explores trends in where and how we live, and the movement toward more sustainable housing, offices and other buildings that embraces occupant wellbeing.

Reuse & Repurpose: Innovation will Unlock the Solution to Plastic Waste

Innovative solutions to reduce plastic waste come in all shapes and sizes — but how do we combat the issue without taking plastic products away from those who need them most for everyday living?

Nestlé Creates Industry-First, Recyclable Paper Snack Packaging

Until now, high-speed production of shelf-stable snacks was only achieved using plastic films and laminates.

One Degree Organics: The Case for Glyphosate-Free Certification

While various agencies may continue to debate the safety of glyphosate, there’s no debate for us at One Degree Organics — and we have made a deliberate decision to ensure all our products are free from this questionable herbicide.

L’Oréal, TerraCycle Illustrate How Products Should Be Made, Packaged

The innovators behind Seed Phytonutrients and the Loop reusable packaging platform shared lessons learned, and the potential impacts these disruptive new approaches could hold for their respective industries.

Rethinking Vinyl Today to Optimize for Tomorrow

We hear a lot about the use and alternatives of single-use plastic these days. But another type of plastic is embracing a new ambitious business model: Vinyl.

Collaborating for the Better: Helping Consumers Enjoy Convenience with a Clear Conscience

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. One of the biggest challenges today is to encourage both brands and consumers to opt for more sustainable alternatives. Collaboration and alliances with like-minded partners along the value chain can help solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Collaboration Accelerates Green Chemistry Innovation Throughout an Industry

In its pilot run, the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council's Collaborative Innovation Challenge helped the likes of Beiersdorf, P&G, SC Johnson and Unilever address a pressing product formulation issue.


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