At the Bumble Bee Seafood Company, we are challenging ourselves to redefine how we think about, source, produce, and consume seafood. It's a mission we live by in every part of our company — from our people, to our products, and ultimately the planet we share.

Redefining Sustainable Seafood for the Future

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Bumble Bee Plants ‘SeaTrees’ to Kick Off Ocean-Regeneration Initiative
Solving the oceans’ critical challenges will require more brands to directly invest in — and get involved with — restoration, regeneration and rehabilitation efforts. Bumble Bee’s partnership with SeaTrees provides a replicable model for what that can look like.
The Bumble Bee Seafood Company Announces SVP of Global Corporate Responsibility
Cross-Posted from Press Release. The Bumble Bee Seafood Company today announced the addition of Dr. Leslie Hushka to its senior leadership team as Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Responsibility for the 120-year-old iconic seafood company. Hushka will be responsible for leading the company in its efforts to protect and restore the health of the world’s oceans as Bumble Bee continues its commitment to work to close gaps on some of the industry’s biggest sustainability challenges.
Bumble Bee Revolutionizing the Future of Food Through Radical Transparency
Bumble Bee’s adoption of blockchain is not just about dispelling doubt about its fishing practices — it provides a window into quality and supply chain management, which could unlock major savings for the company.
Redefining Seafood: Creating a Sustainable Seafood Future for a Growing Population
In a recent Sustainable Brands webinar, Bumble Bee Seafood Company, Good Catch Foods, Atlantic Sea Farms, Blue Nalu, and Bulldog Drummond discussed how they are working together to redefine the seafood industry — to ensure sustainability for all.
Trending: The Rise and Rise of Plant-Based Proteins
Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Impossible Foods announces another step in its journey toward world domination; while conventional protein giants Bumble Bee and Cargill get in on the meat-free fun with a new partnership, private-label plant-based products.
Bumble Bee Foods and SAP Create Blockchain to Track Fresh Fish from Ocean to Table
Cross-Posted from Press Release. SAP and Bumble Bee Foods, North America’s largest branded shelf-stable seafood company, today announced Bumble Bee Foods is using the SAP® Cloud Platform Blockchain service to trace the journey of yellowfin tuna from the Indonesian ocean to the dinner table.
ISEAL Alliance Launches New Tool for Buyers to Challenge Credibility of Ecolabels
Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards and labels, has launched its new “Challenge the Label” website with downloadable tools that helps companies choose credible sustainability labels for their products. ISEAL’s Director of Communications, Lara Koritzke, alongside leaders from Marine Stewardship Council and Bumble Bee Seafoods unveiled the “Challenge the Label” site and buyer tools today at the Sustainable Brands 2015 Conference in San Diego, California.
Nestlé, Campbell's, Coke Among Companies That Eliminated 6.4T Calories from U.S. Marketplace
Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. 16 of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies sold 6.4 trillion fewer calories in the United States in 2012 than they did in 2007, according to the findings released last week by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The companies, acting together as part of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), pledged to remove 1 trillion calories from the marketplace by 2012, and 1.5 trillion by 2015. The independent evaluation found that the companies have so far exceeded their 2015 pledge by more than 400 percent.The 16 companies committed to the HWCF calorie-reduction pledge are:
World Bank Says Businesses Must Collaborate to Help Save Oceans
Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Businesses must work with government and the scientific community to help counter damage to the world’s oceans, according to a panel established by the World Bank to advise the Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO).The Blue Ribbon Panel consists of 21 global experts from 16 countries and includes high-level players ranging from CEOs of some of the largest seafood companies in the world — such as Thai Union Frozen Products, Bumble Bee Foods and High Liner Foods — to government officials and prominent marine conservationists. Without taking action to turn around the declining health of the ocean, the panel warns the consequences for economies, communities and ecosystems will be irreversible.
Bumble Bee Foods Announces New MSC-Certified 'Wild Selections®' Line To Benefit WWF
Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Bumble Bee Foods today announced the introduction of Wild Selections® – a new line of products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Wild Selections® will support World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) efforts to protect marine life, expand sustainable fishing practices globally and help build continued awareness of the MSC-certified seafood program. Announcing the promotion with WWF and MSC and the arrival of the new product line at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, Bumble Bee President and CEO Chris Lischewski said that the company is committing thirteen cents per can, for a minimum of $1 million, to WWF from the sale of Wild Selections® products over the next five years.

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