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Redefining Sustainable Seafood for the Future
Redefining Seafood:
Creating a Sustainable Seafood Future for a Growing Population

In a recent Sustainable Brands™ webinar, Bumble Bee Seafood Company, Good Catch Foods, Atlantic Sea Farms, Blue Nalu, and Bulldog Drummond discussed how they are working together to redefine the seafood industry — to ensure sustainability for all.

The world’s oceans represent 70 percent of the earth’s surface, the livelihoods of more than 40 million people, and the primary source of nutrition for billions. They play a critical role in the health of our planet as well as our ability to feed the growing population. The challenges of the global pandemic have only amplified the need for companies to address the impact of their actions on people, food systems, labor and the planet – and oceans are a huge part of that.

The Bumble Bee Seafood Company, Good Catch Foods, Atlantic Sea Farms, and BlueNalu are all on a mission to ensure the sustainability of our oceans by expanding the very definition of what seafood includes. From ocean-inspired alternative seafood and plant-based options to cellular development to regenerative ocean farming, these companies are showing how unlikely partnerships can help organizations rethink their business model and redefine sustainability.

We are seeing that groups that come together to fight a challenge bigger than themselves always do better in collaboration and when focusing on the positive.” — Jan Tharp, President and CEO, BumbleBee Seafood

Watch the recording of this webinar below to gain insights relevant to any industry on how partnerships can help us achieve a common goal.


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