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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Want to Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line? Talk About Periods

Want to Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line? Talk About Periods

Period shame is rooted in gender inequality. As we continue to work to un correct this, we can catalyze public-private partnerships that positively impact menstrual health and girls’ self-esteem while driving economic benefits.

Communicating Sustainability: Supplier-Brand Partnerships Can Make All the Difference

The “right” messaging will always involve being clear, specific and transparent — but learning which words and claims will meet consumers’ expectations, build their trust and inspire their purchases will require research best done through collaborative partnerships.

Cultural Intelligence, Collaboration Keys to Changing the Sustainability Conversation

Day one of Sustainable Brands’ Brand-Led Culture Change event was filled with rich discussions on the power of partnerships, hits and misses in brand communication, and the power of art to open hearts and minds.

Brands, Listen Up: Consumers, Regulators Cracking Down on Greenwashing

The most recent spate of controversies over misleading brand sustainability claims raises pertinent questions for marketers everywhere.

ESG Practitioners Both Confident, Confused in Dynamic Reporting Landscape

Workiva’s third annual survey gathered the thoughts of more than 2,000 professionals involved in ESG reporting across the corporate landscape.

New Global Music Initiative Highlights the Creative Value of Nature

Sounds Right aims to finally pay Nature royalties for her contributions to art and everything else on earth by prompting conversation, raising funds for conservation and inspiring millions of fans to take action.

It’s Time to Stop Fanning the Flames of Climate Anxiety

To all fellow impact professionals, I encourage you to look at the narrative your communications are fueling and consider whether your business, your audience and the planet would benefit from a more nuanced view.

Free Course Aims to Train Advertisers to Combat Climate Change

Good-Loop’s Good-Media Academy outlines how the ad industry impacts climate change and what advertisers can do to mitigate it.

Hellmann’s Working to Save Mayo (and Sandwiches) from Extinction

The brand invites fans to ‘adopt’ one of four classic, mayo-centric sandwiches at risk of extinction to increase awareness of the importance of regenerative farming practices.

Events Are Driving Transparency, Awareness with Climate-Labeled Food Menus

Using climate-impact labels is one way events can persuade attendees to choose more sustainable menu options.

‘CATAN - New Energies’ Adds Sustainability Twist to Classic Strategy Game

The update to one of the best-selling board games of all time presents players with a pertinent dilemma: spend resources to invest in clean, sustainable energy sources or opt for cheaper, yet polluting, fossil fuels.

Is Misinformation Derailing Climate Action in Agriculture?

In this, the biggest election year in history, Changing Markets Foundation investigates the damaging spread of misinformation online concerning the meat and dairy industry and how it is influencing both policy and public opinion.

Brands and the Responsibility for Sustainable Shopping Habits

As we work to find a balance between greenwashing and greenhushing sustainability claims, here are several tips for brands to keep authentically guiding consumers toward better purchases.

5th Annual Chocolate Scorecard Paints Bittersweet Picture of the Industry

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. The Scorecard — which evaluates global chocolate manufacturers, brands and retailers on social and environmental criteria in seven areas — helps consumers make ethical purchasing decisions and incentivizes companies to improve their performance in these areas.

Uber’s ‘Emissions Savings’ Feature Shows Benefits of Lower-Emission Transport

Uber users will now see two ratings in the app — their 'Emission Savings' score, alongside their rider rating.

This Platform Turns Your Branded Video Content Into Support for Nature Conservation

With Ecoflix — a nonprofit streaming platform on a mission to be the ‘Netflix for nature’ — brands can produce compelling sustainability content that also helps protect nature and wildlife.

Impact Entertainment: Reflecting Climate Issues in the World We Live in

Good Energy helps writers and other entertainment professionals address the climate crisis with confidence and make climate storytelling a mainstream narrative for all audiences.

What Does the New SEC Climate-Risk Reporting Rule Mean for Brands?

While the new mandate was scaled back from what was originally proposed, US companies must now prepare to join many markets around the world in the climate-risk disclosure game.

Greenhushing: World’s Biggest Brands Leaving Billions on the Table

Brand Finance finds the world’s biggest brands are missing out on billions of dollars of potential value by failing to properly communicate their sustainability achievements and progress.

B Lab Seeks Input on Updated B Corp Standards

B Lab has launched a public comment period on new draft standards for B Corp Certification — inviting businesses, civil society and the public to provide feedback through an interactive website.