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Business Case

The latest in how organizations around the world are demonstrating the business case and ROI for environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

Why Working with Social Innovators Advancing Racial, Ethnic Equity Is Smart Business

Why Working with Social Innovators Advancing Racial, Ethnic Equity Is Smart Business

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. New Schwab Foundation research provides scalable lessons on how to drive value creation by addressing systemic socioeconomic exclusion at the local and global levels.

Now in Its 20th Year, Global 100 Index Continues to Track Higher Total Returns

Corporate Knights’ 20th annual ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations shows them tripling down on sustainability investments and reaping significant returns.

In the Face of a Polycrisis, a Transformative Mindset Is Business’ Only Way Forward

Forum for the Future’s latest 'Future of Sustainability' report sets out four plausible trajectories for how companies can respond to current threats and opportunities across markets.

Supply Chain Waste, Consumer Demand Highlight Business Case for Transparency

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. A new study examines the waste challenges companies are facing due to the global supply chain crisis and how they are being tackled, and how consumer priorities impact waste — they now report prioritizing product durability and transparency over sustainability.

Many Business Leaders See Sustainability as Costly Obligation Rather Than Investment in the Future

Cross-Posted from Leadership. According to new Capgemini research, execs recognize the urgency for climate action; but limited impact is visible on the ground so far as they lack an overarching strategy, clarity on the business case and coordinated implementation.

How to Sell Sustainability as a Key Measure of Business Success

When companies make bold commitments to sustainability, we all win. Here, we share lessons learned and ongoing challenges from three very different corporate sustainability journeys — to show others on the front lines that they are not alone.

Disposables to Reusables: Food-Service Businesses Can Save $5B a Year, Avoid Countless Environmental Impacts

Any product designed to be used for a matter of minutes and then thrown away is not a sustainable option – regardless of whether it’s made from plastic, paper, metal or plants. Businesses and the environment will reap undeniable benefits as the new reuse economy for food service gains steam.

Report: US Health Costs from Climate Change, Fossil Fuel Pollution Top $820B a Year

New NRDC report synthesizes dozens of scientific research papers and is among the first to tally a broad financial toll on public health from climate-change-driven extreme weather, unprecedented heat waves, spikes in air pollution and a rise in vector-borne diseases.

For Those Still Wondering About the Business Case for Purpose …

In its latest research to understand consumer expectations of responsible brands, Porter Novelli used social psychology to unpack why consumers prefer Purpose-driven brands — and the importance of strong storytelling to complement sound business strategies.

Why Wait for Regulation — Instead of Doing Better Now?

Corporations are afraid of their costs rising — shareholder interests demand a high return on investment in order for companies to remain profitable and competitive. But it simply will not remain viable to be a corporation that doesn’t address its impact on the environment.

CSR v CSV: The Difference and Why It Matters

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the business model that will accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. It's a game-changing shift from Corporate Social Responsibility and the traditional mindset that business can either do good or make a profit, to a model that can improve the world.

SDGs Key to (Re)Building Tourism with an Eye Toward the Future

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The travel industry has done a poor job integrating the SDGs into business operations and reporting on them. But the Goals offer guidance on how to develop destinations that can appropriately manage tourism’s footprint and minimize environmental impact while benefiting local communities.

Lest We Forget: We Already Have a Blueprint for Safe, Healthy, Post-COVID Future

This pandemic throws a spotlight on the interdependencies between business, nature and society. It may be tempting right now, when it is hard to see beyond the next few weeks, to dismiss the SDGs as a distraction. But they have been described as a “crowd-sourced purchase order from the future” precisely because they offer a tremendous business opportunity.

What Would Carbon Neutrality Mean for Small Businesses?

No matter the size of your company, there are certainly steps you could be taking to move closer to the elusive dream of net zero. In no way is the path to carbon neutrality easy, but bearing any costs and challenges now could secure the future success of your business.

NGOs Urge Insurers to Address COVID, Climate Responses in Tandem

A letter signed by 25 NGOs says the industry was aware of the risks of a global pandemic years ago but failed to help governments prepare effectively; the groups warn it not to make the same mistake again now that insurers recognize the climate emergency is the world’s greatest threat.

Trending: Virus, Be Damned — Fashion Industry Charges Ahead Toward Sustainable Future

Even as COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines and the global consciousness, the 7th annual Fashion Revolution Week sees news and moves from Jeans Redesign, Vivienne Westwood and Fair Trade USA, to name a few.

How Curbing Deforestation Can Help Protect Us Against Future Pandemics

Deforestation often increases the proximity of bats and other animals to humans, bringing together species that would not otherwise live together and creating a perfect storm for the creation of new zoonotic diseases.

Tide Slowing Turning Toward a Future Free from Coal

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Clean power is finally taking over. Yes, it has taken far longer than most environmental campaigners wanted. But with investors fearing the worst and the majority of global economies slowly weaning themselves off of coal, the planet should breathe a huge sigh of relief.

2020 Begins the Decade of Benefit Corporations

What are the benefits of benefit corporations and certified B Corporations? Can they really help to lead toward meaningful change for society and the environment? We explored these questions with corporate sustainability expert Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies’ co-founder and Managing Director.

How to Find Your Authentic Corporate Purpose

Your company’s purpose will not be found by commissioning a white paper or creating a complicated strategy document. It will emerge organically from an honest interrogation of what you’re truly about, what your people are about, and what feels easy to stand behind.