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Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

Companies Mitigating Climate Change Reduce Their Cost of Capital

Companies Mitigating Climate Change Reduce Their Cost of Capital

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. New research shows that when companies disclose their environmental impact — and take meaningful action to mitigate it — they earn investor trust.

Leading Academics Urge UN to Extend, Reframe SDGs

10 distinguished climate researchers have called on the UN to give its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a much-needed refresh — by extending the timeline to 2050 and providing greater clarity around specific goals, among other recommendations.

Latest Ban on ‘High-Carbon’ Ads Shows Appetite for Clean-Energy Transition

Edinburgh’s recent ban on ads for fossil fuels and other high-carbon products exemplifies a desire to shift those ad spaces toward cleaner, more viable alternatives and ads that promote low-carbon behaviors.

The Purpose of Governance: Bridging the Say-Do Gap

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. If Boards acknowledge their fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of a company as defined by its purpose — and work with management to adopt a social purpose as the company’s reason for being and have oversight of the purpose — it can help propel the purpose economy into a formidable force for good.

Engaging with LGBTQ+ Consumers Offers Brands Both Risk and Reward

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. As brands grapple with their position on LGBTQIA+ issues and building inclusivity and diversity across their businesses, the latest Outvertising Consumer Report offers plenty of advice for being more effective.

Report: Food & Beverage Sustainability Plans Missing Critical Levers

A new Quantis report has identified several common gaps in company strategies that will keep businesses sustainability targets out of reach and five key priorities for companies to adopt.

From Theory to Practice: Uncovering Synergies to Drive Tangible Impact

This week at SB Brand-Led Culture Change, layered discussions examined the complex potential of AI to optimize sustainability impact, as well as how to achieve internal alignment across departments with perceived different priorities.

The SBTi Drama Underscores the Urgent Need for Valid Scope 3 Solutions

Whether carbon credits ought to be used to account for Scope 3 emissions is a debate that must continue — involving many more stakeholders, so that views on both sides of the fence are heard and considered.

Interface Commits to Carbon Negativity, Without Offsets, by 2040

The sustainability leader sets out to hit its climate goals through direct carbon reduction and carbon storage — and challenges industry peers to do the same.

Science-Based Climate Targets Key to Sustainable Tourism

Regardless of whether a travel-related company has submitted its commitments to SBTi; setting specific, quantifiable, time-bound goals is essential for meaningfully reducing climate-changing emissions.

New Report Helps Companies Stop Bankrolling Climate Change

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. 'Carbon Bankroll 2.0' illuminates the huge, untapped climate impact of the US financial system — how it is undermining leading companies’ climate action, and why companies’ financial management may be their greatest lever for climate progress.

Why Working with Social Innovators Advancing Racial, Ethnic Equity Is Smart Business

New Schwab Foundation research provides scalable lessons on how to drive value creation by addressing systemic socioeconomic exclusion at the local and global levels.

Paris 2024 Gives First Look at Its Circular Approach to Olympic Games

Focusing on the material footprint of the upcoming summer Games, Paris 2024 is leaning heavily into recycled materials and plans for reuse of all temporary infrastructure, furniture and equipment.

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tillamook

We spoke with Executive Vice President of Stewardship Paul Snyder about the holistic system of business that has made Tillamook the darling of the dairy aisle.

‘The Value of Values’: Lessons from Tony’s Chocolonely

The story of impact-driven chocolate maker Tony’s Chocolonely has important lessons for sustainability practitioners — which makes its story even sweeter.

Ayurveda: A Fresh Perspective on Sustainability

Sustainability in business is treated as if our wellbeing isn’t linked to the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the world we create. In ayurveda’s holistic worldview, there’s no such thing as ‘it doesn’t concern me’ when it comes to sustainability.

Social-Impact Investing: 5 Lessons from a Successful First Venture

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. How T. Rowe Price brought capital to under-resourced communities and ensured it had the desired impacts, while inspiring pride and creativity among corporate associates.

Analysis of US Utilities Reveals Inconsistent Climate-Policy Advocacy

A new benchmark analysis of 12 of the largest US electric utility companies finds significant inconsistencies between utilities’ public climate commitments and their direct and indirect climate lobbying practices.

Early Adopters Share Insights from Piloting Science-Based Targets for Nature

Cross-Posted from New Metrics. Pilot companies say the newfound understanding of their impacts and dependencies on nature is helping change mindsets internally regarding the urgency of meaningful action.

New LEGO Initiatives Fostering Empathic Learning, Brick Circularity

In the US, LEGO’s ‘Community Builders Challenge’ builds on Comic Relief US’s Red Nose Day in School program; while it brings its LEGO Replay brick take-back program to the UK.