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Follow the growing amount of collaborative work — cross-functional, cross-sector, pre-competitive and more — bringing about massive, disruptive, needed shifts to business as usual.

Sustainable Brands Launches the SB Go Circular Collaborative: Driving Circular Economy Transformation

Sustainable Brands Launches the SB Go Circular Collaborative: Driving Circular Economy Transformation

Cross-Posted from Press Release. SB proudly announces the launch of the SB Go Circular Collaborative, a pioneering initiative aimed at inspiring and enabling the transition to a circular economy. This collaborative working group seeks to drive brand-led activations and sustainable consumer behavior changes through innovative frameworks and compelling messaging.

Report: High Seas Treaty Offers Historic Opportunity for Climate Adaptation

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. In a new paper, scientists detail how the soon-to-be-ratified Treaty can help protect marine species as climate change continues to warm the oceans.

Fashion Giants Join Forces to Share Cost of Supply Chain Decarbonization

The Future Supplier Initiative’s collective-financing model aims to address the main barriers preventing many textile factories from reducing resource consumption or implementing renewable-energy solutions.

€30M & $50M Funds, Biodiversity Metrics Drive Continued Growth of Regenerative Ag

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. A €30M portfolio in Europe and a $50M fund in the US put much-needed capital behind cultivating regenerative-ag value chains, while a partnership with NatureMetrics supports Unilever's work to make farming its ingredients climate resilient.

Strength in Numbers: Accelerating Sustainability Through Sector Collaboration

Often fearful of transitioning toward sustainability on their own, businesses find safety in numbers when working together. And one place to find these numbers is in industry, trade and professional groups or associations.

How USAID Supports the Private Sector’s Sustainability Efforts

We spoke with Keith Dokho, USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Secretariat Lead, about how the organization is shifting to support the private sector’s environmental and social progress.

Case Study: Collaborating to Cultivate Regenerative Practices Throughout the Value Chain

Bayer and Perdue have joined forces to drive regenerative-ag practices throughout the value chain to cut emissions, reduce environmental impact and improve soil health at scale. We caught up with them to learn more.

Powering Circular Product Design: The Eastman and Stanley Black & Decker Journey

Whatever your product category — including those in which recycled content or recyclable products are rare — circular design can help your brand delight consumers and meet sustainability goals.

Cultivating Relationships, Understanding Around Food’s Place in Nature

A unique partnership between a Japanese pizza chef and a CEO dedicated to regional revitalization created a ‘cook’s sanctuary,’ where cooks and the public can connect and learn about the importance of food sustainability.

Collaborative Sustainability Initiatives Driving Innovation in Manufacturing Clusters

Examples such as the Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster show how targeted, collaborative sustainability efforts can set new standards for environmental responsibility in manufacturing — leading the way in industrial innovation and global competition.

The Game within a Game: Eastman, UTenn, UMich Compete for a Common Good

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Together, Eastman and the two teams helped turn the spirit of competition into a unique approach to diverting waste, keeping recycling top of mind and driving behavior change with football fans.

Carrot and Stick: European & US Businesses Must Learn From Each Other to Become More Sustainable

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. As our North American operations continue to grow rapidly, we have witnessed in microcosm the sustainability benefits of marrying together US innovation and efficiency with European standards.

Firms Need Help Navigating Competition Laws in Pursuit of Collaboration for Sustainability

Over 80% of sustainability professionals acknowledge the need to work with peers to tackle sustainability issues; but most companies are put off collaboration for fear of breaking competition rules and risking litigation.

Unprecedented Industry Collab Paves Way for Decarbonization of Global Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. With foundational support from Apple, Amazon, Meta, Nike, PepsiCo and REI, the Clean Energy Procurement Academy aims to equip companies with the knowledge required to shift to clean energy.

Summit Provides Ecosystem-wide Look at Groundwork for a Regenerative Food Future

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. SB’23 San Diego concluded with the inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Summit, in which players from the field explored the shared opportunities offered by regenerative ag — where sustainable practices intersect with economic growth.

EY, Microsoft Partner to Advance Sustainability Education Worldwide with ‘Green Skills Passport’

The program will position learners ages 16 and over to thrive in the evolving market for jobs related to sustainability and climate change; and provide NGOs a platform to empower underserved communities with new, employable skills.

FMCG Giants, Farmer Co-ops Commit to New Global Definition of 'Regenerative Agriculture'

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. In an industry first, SAI Platform’s framework offers a globally aligned definition of regenerative agriculture — to which 30 agriculture co-ops and the 170-strong SAI Platform member group have already committed.

Teeing Up a Transformation: How Golf Is Driving Inclusivity, Sustainability

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. Dow is partnering to elevate both gender and sustainability in golf to show how the sport can be an inspiring source of progress for people and planet alike.

WEF’s New Immersive Technology Hub to Address Climate Tipping Points

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Part of the Global Collaboration Village, leaders can now come together in the metaverse to experience and solve the deepening effects of the climate crisis.

Nestlé, Cargill, CCm Upcycling Cocoa Shells into Low-Carbon Fertilizer

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. As part of Nestlé’s bid to source 50% of its key ingredients from regenerative-ag methods by 2030, the three are turning the waste steam into a win-win, circular solution for food companies and farmers alike.