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Organizational Change

The latest creative strategies and tools helping organizations to engage their teams in building market-leading, purpose-driven brands.

Employee Survey Uncovers Crisis in Workplace Climate Engagement

Employee Survey Uncovers Crisis in Workplace Climate Engagement

93% of workers don’t know how to apply their company’s sustainability strategy to their work, 77% are unhappy with employers’ lack of climate action, and 52 percent think their employer is likely to greenwash.

The Purpose of Governance: Bridging the Say-Do Gap

If Boards acknowledge their fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of a company as defined by its purpose — and work with management to adopt a social purpose as the company’s reason for being and have oversight of the purpose — it can help propel the purpose economy into a formidable force for good.

LEGO Employee Pay Now Linked to Meeting Climate Goals

The toymaker has announced a new annual KPI to encourage all salaried employees to help the company lower emissions across its factories, stores and offices around the world.

Leading the Change: Takeaways from the B Lab Champions Retreat

What if we centered our work and lives around showing up for ourselves, others and the planet? Here are three takeaways from the recent B Lab Champions Retreat on how we can turn talk into action.

‘More Than a Background’ Campaign Highlights Challenges for Second-Chance Workers

The campaign from the Center for Employment Opportunities calls out the barriers justice-impacted people face in obtaining employment as a result of overreliance on background checks.

EY: Boards Must Embolden C Suites to Embed Sustainability

The 2024 EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey finds just 24% of EU company leaders understand how ESG priorities will create value; Boards must step up and challenge cooling corporate commitment to sustainability.

How Internal Communications Can Unleash Employee Ingenuity on Sustainability Challenges

People everywhere are feeling the effects of climate change and want to be part of the solution. Business leaders who engage their employees in sustainability initiatives will help them feel more connected and create new opportunities to shape the future.

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tony's Chocolonely

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. We spoke with Aidaly Sosa — Tony’s Head of Marketing, USA — about the culture that drives the brand’s purpose to make chocolate 100% exploitation free.

Why ‘Authentic’ Has Been My Word of the Year Since 1983

For organizations ready to embrace the word of the year, here are 3 suggestions for how your organization can embed and bring to life a truly authentic, activated purpose.

Becoming a Purpose Professional: Using Your Career to Become a Greater Force for Good

Regardless of your company’s social purpose or your role within it, there are numerous, tangible ways to make your own job — and your life — more rewarding, while helping your organization be part of creating a better world.

Meeting Stakeholder Demand for Non-Financial Value

The companies that take time to plan, implement and communicate their sustainability progress will be the best prepared to earn the most business value from this ongoing shift in stakeholder influence.

Achieving Your Sustainability Goals Through a Human-Centered Approach

Daggerwing Group’s Michelle Mahony discusses operationalizing sustainability strategy, purpose-washing, and equipping teams to be ambitious in the face of the greatest challenges of our time.

New Leadership Paradigms Fuel ‘Great Migration’ to Regenerative Business Future

Insights shared throughout the week at SB’23 San Diego highlighted the organizational shifts occurring — and those still needed — to bring a resilient future to life.

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Business Results on Purpose

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. In State of the Whole Brand 2023, some of the world’s most influential marketers share their unique POVs on whole brand-building and purpose. Here are four ways they suggest you level up your own purpose-driven brand.

Best Paw Forward: Turning Companywide Commitment into Purpose-Driven Performance

Cross-Posted from Leadership. While many companies now understand the value of dedicated ESG leadership, there remains no real playbook for how to get started. Here’s how ESG practitioners can standardize sustainability-forward operations and innovation across workstreams.

Social Purpose at BCLC: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going

Even though a social-purpose model seemed like a natural fit for BCLC, we knew there would be many questions to answer before we could start to deliver on a social purpose. Now, we are reflecting on some of the key steps and insights gained through our approach.

How Fusing Purpose and Employee Experience Is Creating ‘Win-Wins’ for the Greater Good

A positive company culture provides a foundation for an organization’s beliefs, values and business approach. But this can only be sustained by staying true to the company’s core values.

7 Ways to Create Buzz Around Your Sustainability Work (No Greenwashing Required)

Now’s the time to take all that effort and integrate it into fun engagement opportunities for both your workforce and your brand’s biggest fans. Here are our seven favorite ideas for doing just that.

Authentic Purpose: How Bruce Katz, Founder and CEO of Rockport Shoe Company, Ignited My Purpose Journey

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. I learned a tremendous amount about creating an authentic purpose from Rockport’s journey. Together, we created one of the first purpose-driven companies. Thank you, Bruce, for that opportunity.

Sustainability Leaders Warn Lack of Climate Talent at All Levels Could Stall Net-Zero Progress

35% of global sustainability leaders report difficulty hiring talent and upskilling execs with climate-change skills as a barrier to making faster progress on climate-action strategies.