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The latest products, services and cleantech applications and how they are tackling some of our most pressing social and environmental issues.

Report Shows Path to Zero-Emission Passenger Transport with 'More Mobility and Less Mining'

A new report shows a just pathway to zero-emission urban mobility. Simple changes such as smaller EV batteries can greatly improve resource-use efficiency; but holistically reducing car dependence will be paramount.

50+ CEOs Join Aviation Industry Initiative to Transform Airports into Clean-Energy Hubs

The World Economic Forum’s Airports of Tomorrow initiative seeks to address the energy, infrastructure and financing needs of the transition to a net-zero aviation industry by 2050.

Danfoss ‘Smart Store’ Sets New Bar for Energy-Efficient Supermarkets

The Smart Store — expected to be ~50% more energy efficient than a typical supermarket — will also work as Danfoss’ test center for energy-efficiency technologies.

Renewables May Be Booming; But Shifting from Fossil Fuels Is Being Hindered By …

Projects that could generate more than 1TW of renewable energy are still waiting to be constructed and connected to the grid in all parts of the world, due to delays in permitting and a lack of investment in grid infrastructure.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Distraction, Solution or Both?

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. CCS proponents argue it can offset emissions from hard-to-abate sectors such as energy and heavy industry; while opponents fear it could further the status quo and distract from the need for real emissions reductions.

Ørsted Partners to Scale Circularity of Wind, Solar Technologies

The Danish clean-energy giant is working with Vestas to incorporate low-carbon steel towers and recycled turbine blades into its offshore wind farms, and Solarcycle to recycle its end-of-life solar panels.

New Vattenfall Campaign Illustrates Clean Potential of Fossil-Free Hydrogen

The ‘Industrial Emissions Face Mist’ is made from wastewater from a factory powered by fossil-free hydrogen. The emissions are so clean, they could become part of your skincare routine.

Upcycled Emissions for the Win: How Twelve Is Closing the Loop on Fossil Fuels

The California-based carbon-transformation company is emerging as a leader in ‘CO2Made’ products — from everyday consumer goods to sustainable jet and marine fuels.

There May Finally Be Hope for Environmental and Climate Justice. Can We Capitalize on It?

This work is vast. But success would build a more inclusive, just and sustainable economy and society — shaped by our shared opportunities rather than our risks, by prosperity rather than poverty, of positivity over negativity.

First Closed-Loop Metal-Recycling Technology Offers Sustainable Future for a Battery-Powered World

Aqua Metals’ closed-loop metal-recycling process is revolutionizing metal sourcing and disposal — and eliminating the negative side effects of EV battery production.

3 Easy Steps to Transitioning Your Business to Solar Energy

The benefits of going solar come from a combination of reduced costs, tax incentives and how much sunlight your panels collect. So, no matter where you are, the benefits are easy to see.

Why 2023 Is (Finally) The Year of the Sustainability Pivot

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Four key trends are converging this year to create a permanent shift toward sustainability across industries — with implications for tech innovation, the planet and companies that have yet to start their sustainability transformation.

Though Short Lived, Methane Has an Outsized Impact on Short-Term Warming

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Decades ago, had we gotten a handle on our CO2, our additional methane emissions might not have mattered — but those days are gone.

IKEA Has a Plan to Help All of Its Suppliers More Easily Switch to Clean Energy

So far, the company is facilitating access to renewables for suppliers in 13 countries through PPAs and a finance mechanism for suppliers keen to invest in onsite projects.

Mixed-Income, Net-Zero Community Under Development in Michigan

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. THRIVE Collaborative designed Veridian from an honest look at what is actually required for a housing community to achieve net-zero goals.

First Liquid-Heat Engine Can Upcycle 70% of the World’s Waste Heat Into Clean Energy

Luminescent’s circular solution uses isothermal processes to capture and store waste heat, transforming a previously inaccessible resource into zero-waste power.

New Coalition Hailing Blockchain as Linchpin of Successful Climate Action

The Blockchain x Climate Leadership Network is an activist-to-industry coalition of international stakeholders collaborating to define and create principles for meaningful blockchain initiatives to address the climate crisis.

3 Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2023

With the year in full swing, we expect to see further innovations to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption; and overall, advance sustainability in the energy industry.

Sobering Report Says Auto Industry Will Spend Remaining Carbon Budget Well Ahead of Schedule

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Commissioned by EV makers Polestar and Rivian, the report details three levers that need to be pulled in unison and at full tilt for the industry to meet critical climate-action targets.

Report: People in US More Concerned Over Climate Than Ever

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Yale’s latest ‘Climate Change in the American Mind’ report reveals respondents’ feelings about climate change and the role of business and government in driving meaningful action — beginning with a transition to clean energy.