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The latest products, services and cleantech applications and how they are tackling some of our most pressing social and environmental issues.

We Must Protect and Support Our Local Dairy Farms

In many parts of the US, the dairy farmer is a staple in the agricultural landscape; yet many multi-generational dairies are closing their barn doors. Solutions such as anaerobic digesters not only help farms mitigate their environmental impacts, they create new revenue streams and cost savings.

Outdoor Apparel Brands Present Path to Lower-Impact Textile, Apparel Factories

Study by Burton, New Balance, Patagonia, REI, Gore and the Outdoor Industry Association reveal major CO2, cost and energy savings with decarbonized heating processes.

CPG Giants Partner to Scale Captured Carbon in Consumer Products

Unilever, BASF, P&G and 12 other organizations have joined forces to scale carbon capture to help the UK reach net zero by 2050; and CCEP teams up with two more universities to continue its research into the technology and its many potential applications.

Next-Gen Underwater Turbines Blow Wind Model Out of the Water

Brazilian startup TidalWatt has rethought underwater turbines — theirs are 60x smaller and produce 3x as much energy as wind turbines, are harmless to marine life, and promote the formation of artificial reefs.

Panasonic, Samsung Unveil Latest Sustainability Innovations at CES 2023

The electronics giants announced a series of innovations including personal-care device recycling, smart home energy-efficiency improvements, and a new laundry cycle and filter designed to eliminate microplastic pollution from synthetic materials.

Energy Startup’s Biomimetic Solar Trees Planting Roots for a Net-Zero Future

Inspired by nature, SolarBotanic’s solar trees use leaf-shaped, thin-film, photovoltaic nanotechnology to harness both sun and eventually wind energy to power houses, charge EVs or be stored for future use.

Breaking Through the Logjam to Accelerate Decarbonization in the Energy Sector

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Why have the collective efforts of national governments, NGOs, forward-looking companies and citizens had so little impact on curbing carbon emissions? Here are three reasons why high-level pledges are not translating into concrete actions — and what’s needed to break through.

Vail Resorts Meets 100% Renewable Energy Goal, on Track to Achieve Net-Zero Operating Footprint By 2030

The company reports progress in its climate goals, as well as its work to support local communities and increase equitable access to snow sports and recreation.

IBM Collaborates to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition for Vulnerable Populations Around the World

The second cohort of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator comprises five organizations helping marginalized communities get just and equitable access to sustainable energy resources around the world.

WWF, Ørsted Partner to Develop Offshore Wind Farms That Enhance Ocean Biodiversity

The unique partnership aims to advance offshore wind deployment that enhances ocean biodiversity, and drive a global shift towards addressing both climate and biodiversity goals.

4 Ways the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Help Address Water Scarcity

Commercial real estate is the second-largest consumer of publicly supplied water in the US. Imagine if we came together to tackle this problem head on! Here are four recommendations for how property managers and building owners can lead the way.

Trending: Carbon-Capture Innovators Continue Paving Path to Climate-Beneficial Future

2 startups at the forefront of the carbon-capture space, Air Company and LanzaTech, continue to expand their portfolio of carbon-negative products and groundbreaking brand partnerships that will ensure global proliferation of their technologies.

In Our Water- and Climate-Stressed World, There’s No Excuse for Wastewater Going to Waste

Globally, 80% of wastewater is discharged into local environments with minimal or no treatment — water that could be recycled and reused. California-based startup Aquacycl's waste-to-energy solution protects water resources while helping companies reduce costs.

Alaska Airlines Aiming to Advance Low-Carbon Aviation Through Corporate Partnerships, Shared Learning

New program expands first-in-the-US agreement with corporate partners to reduce business travel emissions through sustainable aviation fuels.

Conquering the Last Frontier of the Climate Emergency: Your Screen

As creators of our digital world, we have a powerful role to play. We must consciously reinvent web design to radically reduce the polluting impacts of our sites and apps. We must use our talents to rethink how we build websites, reduce wastage and save energy — or else, we’re complicit.

Businesses Can Chart a Course Toward Decarbonization, One Step at a Time

With a wealth of technologies and competing demands across sites, decarbonization can be a complex challenge for companies of all shapes and sizes. Taking a data-centric approach to building an energy roadmap — and letting the data point to what happens next — is key in supporting companies along the way.

A Sustainable Moo-vement: How the Dairy Industry Is Fighting Climate Change

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Dairy farming has quickly evolved for sustainability. Here are just a few examples of how innovative dairy organizations and farmers are working to fight climate change by reducing their impacts, improving soil health and using regenerative agriculture.

Norwegian Startup Lighting the Way for Sea Change in Renewable Energy Solutions

Sunlit Sea’s prefabricated, floating solar panels optimize longevity, power production and safety, whilst taking a fraction of the time and cost to install.

BioLite Reflects on 10 Years of Facilitating Clean Energy in the Developing World

CEO & co-founder Jonathan Cedar says the mobile power and lighting company has directed its growth away from outdoor recreation, towards much larger impact.

Meet StoreDot: The Startup That Used Neuroscience to Revolutionize EV Batteries

Thanks to a unique, interdisciplinary approach to addressing ‘range anxiety’ due to limited battery life, the Israeli startup has reinvented the EV battery with a breakthrough that could finally leapfrog EVs into the mainstream.