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Product, Service & Design Innovation

The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

Relationality in AI: The Missing Link for Regenerative Sustainability

Regenerative sustainability provides a pragmatic foundation to demonstrate caregiving and relationality to people and planet. It shouldn’t be a ‘battle against climate change;’ it should be a ‘relationship we’re working to heal.’

Automobili Lamborghini Pledges 40% CO2 Reduction Across Its Value Chain by 2030

The luxury Italian carmaker extends its decarbonization program to its entire value chain, with the aim of reducing total enterprise emissions by 40% per car by 2030.

This 'SeaFeed' Could Be a Game-Changing Solution to Livestock Emissions

Australian startup Sea Forest’s seaweed-based feed supplements significantly reduce methane emissions from ruminant livestock.

Meet the Startup Guiding Companies Toward Net Zero — Via Circular Design

For the hordes of companies still struggling to make good on their net-zero commitments, comply with impending climate-disclosure legislation and figure out what ‘circularity’ even means, Pentatonic is here to help.

Eastern Innovators Showing Feasibility of Circular Social Enterprises

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Southeast Asia and the Middle East are emerging as incubators for plastic-diversion innovations; and beyond putting a dent in plastic pollution, they are helping reduce poverty and making a circular economy the wave of the present.

Logitech Boosts Product Circularity, Shares Design Principles with Industry

To drive industry-wide carbon reduction, Logitech is sharing its design principles and tools with any organizations in the consumer-tech industry looking to boost their sustainability efforts.

Circular, Regenerative Innovations Advance in Big Food Redesign Challenge

Cactus cookies, banana-peel snacks, wrinkled-pea pasta are contenders in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Challenge for companies to design new products — or redesign existing ones — using circular principles that help address climate change and regenerate nature.

This Startup Could Spark a Revolution in Early-Wildfire Detection

“By detecting wildfires while they are still small, we stand a much better chance of stopping them before they cause too much damage — saving money, the environment and, ultimately, lives.” — Dryad Networks' Carsten Brinkschulte

This App Could Be Key to Securing Fisher Livelihoods, Restoring Fish Stocks

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Abalobi's easily scalable app enables traceability previously unseen in small-scale fisheries and connects fishers directly with buyers — reducing dependency on middlemen, resulting in fairer prices and ethical produce for consumers.

Latin Americans Are Embracing Plant-Based Foods — a Growing Opportunity for Investment

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Food investors and entrepreneurs would do well to mark the major focus on plant-based protein innovation happening for our neighbors to the South.

Vivobarefoot & Balena Take Next Step Toward Regenerative Barefootwear

The footwear manufacturer and material-science company aim to deliver the world’s first 3D-printed, made-to-measure footwear that is fully compostable.

Promising Proteins Could Solve Many Food-Related Issues, If We Let Them

2 new studies examine the potential of edible insects and mycelium to boost both human and planetary health, and the barriers and systemic issues that must be overcome to realize that potential.

Coachtopia Docuseries Explores Challenges, Opportunities of Circular Fashion

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. 'The Road to Circularity' takes a frank look at the problems facing the fashion industry and the mindset shifts required to pioneer circular solutions for the future.

How Netafim Is Helping Build Resilience in Rice Production

Through a partnership with Regrow Ag, precision-agriculture business Netafim is helping rice farmers worldwide to seamlessly adopt climate-smart farming practices.

Brandable Solar Panels Bring New Meaning to ‘Marketing Sustainability’

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. As sustainability and branding become more intermingled for forward-thinking brands, being able to turn unattractive solar arrays into marketing assets exemplifies resource efficiency.

Innovating for Impact: The Sustainable Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

Many companies have embarked on their sustainability journey. In 2024, the challenge will be to prioritize the innovations that add the most impact.

Startup on a Mission to UNDO Climate Change by ‘Putting Carbon in Its Place’

Using enhanced rock weathering to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, UNDO aims to spread enough crushed rock on farmlands by 2025 to permanently remove 1M tons of CO2.

An Early Adopter’s Guide to Sustainability: 5 Lessons Learned

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Companies that challenge the idea of business-as-usual can set the pace of innovation for their peers despite the risk of failure. And you might just unlock a new way of doing business and see ripple effects for years to come.

Virtual Travel Offers New Perspectives, Accessibility to Hard-to-Reach Natural Wonders

While tourism has returned to pre-pandemic levels and the industry re-embraces physical travel, virtual travel operators see a different future on the horizon.

2024 Outlook: Sustainable Businesses Must Partner and Help Sustain Others

Through Citizen Verizon, we have the opportunity and obligation to leverage our technology to drive positive societal impact across key areas: Digital Inclusion, Climate Protection and Human Prosperity.