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Product, Service & Design Innovation

The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

From Historic Foundations to Today’s Debates on Artificial Intelligence

Fears about the uncontrolled growth of artificial intelligence have exploded into public debate this year. Day 2 of the UN Business and Human Rights Forum examined the challenges through a human-rights lens.

Hakodate Carl Raymon: 100 Years of Trust, Dedication and Creating Shared Value

The Japanese ham and sausage producer still uses the production traditions of its founder. To understand the roots of this brand value, we must go back in time to learn about the life of Carl Raymon himself.

Navigating the Holiday Waste Conundrum: The Pragmatic Role of AI in Retail Sustainability

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The use of AI in retail planning is now a strategic imperative in the fight against waste of all kinds — including the rampant waste created during the holiday season.

Air Company: Fueling the Shift from Emissions to Resources

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. After launching with consumer products vodka and perfume, the carbon-capture innovator is now banking on turning the world’s most abundant pollutant into sustainable aviation fuel.

Unilever Sharing Formulas for Lower-Impact Ice Cream Recipes

Unilever’s reworked ice cream recipes can now stay frozen at lower temperatures, helping to lower freezer emissions. Now, it’s sharing 12 reformulation patents for the industry to follow suit.

A Sound Solution: How Palmear Is Revolutionizing Palm Tree Pest Control

Palmear’s acoustic-sensing, AI-powered app helps farmers monitor palm tree pest populations and deploy targeted interventions for effective control.

More Sustainable Animal Protein Is Possible Through Innovative Breeding and Genetics

A blend of technology, sustainability practices and advanced genetics that is helping revolutionize the beef and dairy industries is emerging to address our global protein-deficiency problem.

Japanese Dairy Farming Being Optimized by Digital Tech, Sustainable Practices

Farmnote’s system uses AI to learn and analyze individual cows’ health, allowing for remote cattle management — helping dairy farmers to enhance productivity and utilize their time more effectively.

A Rogue Startup Thinks It Has a Solution to Climate Change; The Scientific Community Disagrees

Despite a lack of scientific consensus regarding the efficacy and safety of its approach, intrepid startup Make Sunsets is throwing caution to the wind (literally).

Can Our Current Food System Be Redeemed?

Cross-Posted from Protein PACT. At SB’23 San Diego, we got several looks at some of the holistic, new approaches to agriculture that may just mitigate the risks in how our food — even meat — is produced.

Microsoft, Twelve, Vertical Harvest Paint Powerful Picture of a Regenerative Near-Future

Day 3 keynotes regaled SB’23 San Diego attendees with a peek at regenerative, circular and win-win-win social-purpose business models.

How Circularity, AI Are Mending Cracks in Our Fractured Food System

Naturally, food and its many issues has been a major topic this week at SB’23 San Diego. Here, two panels of innovators share their approaches to filling in systemic gaps in our food system.

Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Accelerator Backing Seaweed to Replace Oil-Based Films

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Convened by Lonely Whale, the program aims to accelerate scaling and market adoption of seaweed-based alternatives to thin-film plastics made from fossil fuels.

Animal-Free Egg Whites: The Next Frontier in Ethical, Sustainable Protein

No chickens were harmed in the making of Onego Bio’s Bioalbumen — which has a 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional egg production, 10 times better yields and at price parity.

Making Something Out of Nothing: Time for a Rethink About Waste

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Excess is inevitable; and we should re-evaluate our understanding of what businesses do with it accordingly. Instead of thinking of excesses as the end of a story, recognize the potential of wastes as the start of something new.

Connecting the Dots: Digital Tools Helping Companies Tackle Scope 3 Emissions

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Quantifying scope 3 is undeniably daunting. But the Partnership for Carbon Transparency is working to create the 'internet for emissions data' — which would set a common framework for all organizations to seamlessly connect, exchange and derive insights from emissions data.

Princeton, Microsoft Co-Develop Wireless Solution to Combat Produce Waste

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. High-frequency wireless tech will help suppliers sort fruit based on fine-grained ripeness measurements — enabling distributors and retailers to save good fruit and veg from being thrown out with the bad, and move ripe fruit to the front of the line.

Plant-Based World Expo Showcases Continued Global Momentum Behind Food Innovation

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The 4th annual event provided a comprehensive glimpse into the state and direction of an exciting, maturing industry and provided a valuable platform for businesses within the evolving global food supply network.

BODYHEAT: How SWG3 Is Heating Up the Dance Floor to Cool Down the Planet

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. In the Glasgow megavenue, BODYHEAT technology transforms the energy generated by visitors into sustainable power — utilizing a previously wasted, and readily available, power source.

How Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Is Transforming the Food System

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Implementing traceability systems puts food companies in a better position to navigate the changing regulatory landscape, build consumer trust and contribute to a sustainable food system.