Dr. Deborah Brosnan

Dr. Deborah Brosnan is a globally recognized marine scientist, environmental entrepreneur and climate-risk expert. She works worldwide to create innovative solutions to environmental and climate risks that support ecosystems, business, communities and governments. In addition to her international work, she has a strong interest in advancing the needs of Small Island Developing States, having worked in the Caribbean for over 25 years. (Read more ...)

Deborah Brosnan & Associates works at the intersection of risk, cutting-edge science, and real-world decision-making. Motivated by the recognition that all sectors have a role in solutions that sustain planet and people, the group’s work ranges from risk assessments to designing and implementing large scale ecosystem restoration for resilience and biodiversity, policy development, and, investing and business advising on the environment.

Dr. Brosnan has also worked as an adjunct professor of biology at Virginia Tech University and has held several positions and fellowships at institutions including Stanford University; the University of California, Davis; the Smithsonian Institution; and the University of Washington. She is regularly featured as a subject matter expert on major media including CNN, BBC and others. She has been a featured speaker at SXSW, TEDx, Economist Ocean Summit, WebSummit, The Doha Forum among others. She has published opinion pieces in publications including the Washington Post, The Hill, GreenBiz and Fair Observer; written several scholarly papers, and edited two books.

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The Vibe Shift Is Here: What That Means for Us and the Planet in 2023
The Vibe Shift Is Here: What That Means for Us and the Planet in 2023

Walking the Talk / From my perspective as a scientist who’s been working on climate change and environmental resilience since before the crisis made front-page headlines, here are the four biggest trends I foresee defining 2023. - 2 weeks ago

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