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Jonne Hellgren

Jonne Hellgren is CEO and co-founder of RePack.

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Looking for a Circular Packaging Solution? Meet RePack
Looking for a Circular Packaging Solution? Meet RePack

Product, Service & Design Innovation / Maybe you remember visiting a post office to pick up one of your online purchases and seeing the hundreds, even thousands, of packages going to other shoppers — to be used once and thrown away. Sure, online purchases need to be individually labelled and protected for transport, so some form of packaging is necessary. But shouldn’t we as environmentally conscious purchasers have a say in how our goods are packaged? And shouldn't sustainably minded brands be able to offer their customers a choice in this matter? Because surely shoppers and brands would choose a returnable, recyclable package for transporting online purchases — especially if it made economic sense. This is where RePack comes in. - 6 years ago