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Matt Van Duinen

Sustainability Director
WAP Sustainability

Matt is a Partner and Sustainability Director at WAP Sustainability.

In his role, Matt guides consumer and building product manufacturers in the management of technical sustainability tasks ranging from Life Cycle Assessment to Material Health Reporting, Greenhouse Gas Accounting to Value Chain Chemical Management. Prior to WAP Sustainability, Matt worked for thinkstep and Shaw Industries. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Environmental Engineering.

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Beyond Transparency: The Next Essential Step in Product Optimization
Beyond Transparency: The Next Essential Step in Product Optimization

Chemistry, Materials & Packaging / If you’ve been around the building products industry in the last five years, you’ve probably encountered conversations about transparency — around material health, chemical hazards, environmental impacts, you name it. To be fair, if you were around the building products industry 10 years ago, no one was really talking about transparency (at least not like today). The buzzword of the day back then was recycled content. Before that, it was indoor air quality. And over time those attributes have become commonplace for most manufacturers; transparency is the next attribute to achieve. - 4 years ago

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