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It Takes an Industry to Move the Needle on Sustainability

We can’t become sustainable by going it alone.

This is the core tenet that has underpinned the vinyl industry’s sustainability efforts from the onset. As industry leaders first came together to talk about establishing a sustainability platform, there was a general consensus that this was an effort that had to be broad-based and encompass companies across the vinyl value chain.

Doing this work — and doing it right — has been particularly critical for the vinyl industry. While many sectors are represented with a single voice, the vinyl “brand” has been fragmented across multiple entities. It lives in the Vinyl Institute, which represents resin producers. It lives in the product-specific trade associations. And it lives among specifiers, architects, designers and others who select, build and create unique products using vinyl. While different vinyl organizations have been pursuing their own sustainable pathways, the time was right to bring these disparate initiatives together to create an industry-wide initiative.

That strategy is built on six key pillars:

  • establishing a clear sustainability purpose and positioning
  • creating an industry-wide collaboration platform
  • celebrating and communicating achievements
  • developing and implementing a sustainable development roadmap
  • generating purpose-driven innovation
  • creating a branded performance initiative

The foundation of the industry’s effort is the reality that doing nothing is not sustainable and that doing this right will lead to long-term, sustainable profits.

What being more sustainable means to us

For the vinyl industry, sustainability is about better environmental and natural resource stewardship, with economic sense and social due diligence in a seamless balance. Achieving progress requires collaboration to address a host of pressing emerging issues, including natural resources and land management, clean water, food, climate change effects, and quality of life.

Being more sustainable will also require the vinyl value chain to develop an integrated, balanced approach where environmental, social and economic issues are taken into consideration equally.

We are prepared to do our part.

The role of the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council

To formalize our efforts, the Vinyl Institute, in partnership with the downstream vinyl product associations, established the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC).

The VBSC was formally established in August 2016 to further the vinyl industry’s efforts as it addresses sustainability and related advocacy, communication and technical issues in North America. This newly created, VI-funded business council serves as the collaborative platform where members from across the vinyl value chain work together to develop and implement best practices and innovation leading to continuous improvement throughout the industry. The VBSC will also be responsible for promoting the industry’s achievements to key stakeholders.

Membership in the VBSC includes, and is open to, VI members, vinyl product associations, product manufacturers, retailers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, end-users (architects, designers building owners, etc.) and collaborative nongovernment organizations.

Wherever you slot into the lifecycle of a vinyl product, your voice matters. And we want to hear from you. Join the VBSC and join us at the table.