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Method, The Nature Conservancy Partner to Protect Water in the Great Lakes Region

Method Products, PBC, leader in eco-friendly household, fabric and personal care products, has partnered with The Nature Conservancy for a groundwater replenishment project. Method's goal is to protect water in the Great Lakes' watershed and improve water quality throughout the area with this program, which offers incentives to farmers to increase groundwater recharge.

Through this water-recharge program, Method's goal is to replenish groundwater in equal amounts to the water used in its factory — which is located in the region — targeting 30 million gallons of groundwater recharge over 5 years.

"As a native of the Great Lakes region, protecting the water we draw from to make our products is particularly important to me," said Adam Lowry, co-founder and Chief Greenskeeper at Method. "We considered all paths to determine the most sustainable use of water and decided to partner with The Nature Conservancy and Michigan State University's Institute for Water Research for this program because it is highly traceable, accountable, and ecologically relevant."

"The Great Lakes serve as a critical economic resource for the Midwest and I am pleased that Method has taken this step to ensuring that it maintains the high quality of the watershed," said Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. "Through this partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Method is continuing its role as a leader in sustainability at its new manufacturing facility in Chicago."

In addition to the groundwater recharge project, Method is working to protect the water in the Great Lakes by installing bioswales in its manufacturing facility where storm water is captured and filtered back into the ground rather than burdening the city's storm water system. Method's manufacturing facility is scheduled to open in early 2015.

In July, The Nature Conservancy announced a five-year partnership with PepsiCo called Recycle for Nature, aimed at inspiring people to protect drinking water sources in the US through recycling. The initiative's goal is to save and restore one billion gallons of water over five years in rivers that supply water to more than 35 million people across nine states - including the Colorado River, Denver's Front Range Forests, Arizona's Verde River, Arkansas' Kings River and North Carolina's Cape Fear River. The partnership will expand the availability of recycling bins in the country, and for every 0.25 percent point increase in the national recycling rate (as defined and tracked by the American Beverage Association), Pepsi will also contribute $31,250 for water protection — up to $250,000 per year. The beverage giant will also donate additional funding to protect clean drinking water based on its recycling program points donation program — for every point donated by program participants, Pepsi will contribute $.01, up to an additional $50,000 per year.


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