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From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together
In the Loop:
Sustainable Development Models, Extending Product Lifecycles Furthering a Circular Future

Through Dow’s ‘Looped In’ series, sustainability experts across the company connect with industry leaders to discuss initiatives and partnerships that work toward building a more circular economy and explore what we can learn from the results.

In the latest episodes, Global Sustainability Director Jeff Wooster speaks with industry leaders about innovative waste management efforts and treating materials as valuable resources:

Episode 7: Unlocking the power of the circular economy

It’s no surprise that navigating investments in recycling and waste management is complex. For Gonzalo Roqué, Regional Manager of the Latin America Recycling Program at Fundación Avina, sustainability is not only the goal but a necessity that should be at the forefront of all innovation. Avina — a regional non-profit — works with a broad network of partners to support sustainable development in Latin America, with a particular focus on climate change, the economy, governance and public goods. Its work helps create real impact by encouraging and driving alliances between social and business leaders.

Recently, Roqué joined Wooster to discuss waste-management problems facing the region. They highlighted “Recycling for a Change” — a collaborative project funded by Dow that aims to transform the future of waste management in Latin America and provide economic benefits by improving training, equipment, administration and professionalism for waste-management workers. This initiative scales change through public and private sector partnerships, and by prioritizing innovation and tapping into creativity to design products for circularity.

Episode 8: The Junkluggers & Eco-Friendly Junk Removal: Giving Used Items a New Life

Organizational consultant and “tidying” expert Marie Kondo says that decluttering is the best way to spark joy and unburden your lifestyle. For Gail Tavill, Franchise Owner of Connecticut-based Junkluggers, decluttering promotes circularity when waste is optimized as a resource. Junkluggers is far more than your average junk company — it works to accelerate a circular economy and transform the waste-collection industry through donating, repurposing and recycling unwanted waste across the US. Ultimately, its services help extend the lifecycle of residential, commercial and industrial products including pianos, furniture and electronics that would otherwise be improperly or prematurely discarded.

Wooster and Tavill recently discussed how shifting individual mindsets from a linear “take-make-dispose” system to a circular one — where used materials remain a valuable resource — will help create smarter and more sustainable solutions in the future. Tavill emphasized the importance of sustainable disposal services and the vital role experts and professional services such as Junkluggers play in helping people properly sort materials and contribute to a circular, sustainable future.

Through the end of the year, Dow leaders will continue to have these vital conversations about the circular economy, keeping waste out of the environment, packaging innovations and other sustainability topics that are more important than ever.

Have a question or want more information about Dow’s approach to a circular economy? Connect with Jeff, our Global Sustainability Director, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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