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Ever Hear of SPF 5000+? By 2050, Skin Proud & Cat Cohen Say You Will

The vegan skincare brand partnered with the comedian and Intersectional Environmentalist on a parody video to educate consumers and inspire climate action.

In a bid to raise awareness around growing environmental concerns and the adverse effects that climate change could have on the skin, body-positive, vegan skincare brand Skin Proud has partnered with comedian Cat Cohen and nonprofit organization Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) to release a parody video titled “Get Ready With Me for the End of the World.”

Skin Proud's parody video jumps on the viral 'Get Ready With Me' (GRWM) TikTok trend, where content creators walk viewers through a particular part of their daily makeup or skincare routines. Set in the year 2050, "GRWM for the End of the World" sees Cohen present her followers with the beauty products people will need to use in the future due to a drastically deteriorated climate. These include an SPF 5000+ sunscreen that protects the skin from extreme UV radiation exposure, a microplastic-removing face mask, and an industrial-grade toner that protects the skin from harmful air pollutants.

Research from IE — a climate justice community and resource hub amplifying BIPOC and other historically excluded voices from the environmental movement — reveals climate change could lead to increased ultraviolet (UV) radiation, heat and air pollutants that damage skin and increase the likelihood of conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and skin cancer. Based on these findings, IE helped formulate the beauty bag of 2050. The full kit includes:

  • SPF 5000+: If the ozone layer continues to deplete at the current rate, we will need SPF 5000+ to protect us from skin cancer.

  • Inflamm-a-Toner: If the temperature continues to rise, we’ll need industrial-grade toners to balance the skin’s pH and protect it from dangerous toxins.

  • Microplastic Removal Mask: If the fossil fuel industry keeps up with plastic production, we will need a special mask to draw microplastics out of our skin to keep it clear and glowy.

  • Extinguisher Repair Mask: If wildfire smoke continues to pollute the air, we’ll need this ultra-intense hydrating mask to prevent skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

    “Environmental injustices have created the urgency we face today to prevent the rise in global temperatures. The next few years are critical to ensure transformational and just

change that protects both people and the planet,” said Diandra Esparza, Executive Director at IE. “Learning about the climate crisis and its solutions has historically been gate-kept in scientific journals and academic spaces. Making climate education accessible through artistic storytelling means we can reach and mobilize more people into hopeful action for our planet.”

Cohen is a comedian, actress and singer best known for her hit Netflix special, “The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous!” Her recent works include the Paramount+ feature film, At Midnight and the upcoming Hulu series, “While You Were Breeding.” Her “GRWM” collaboration video lives on Cohen’s TikTok page.

The TikTok trending hashtag #GRWM currently holds 85.3 billion views, which speaks to the strength of using the app as an activism platform to reach young people.

"The window to avoid dangerous and potentially deadly climate change is rapidly closing. We feel now, more than ever, is the time to use our platform to make education about climate action accessible to as many people as possible — which is why we were moved to partner with, and make a donation to, IE — who champions the accessible climate action movement,” said Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Skin Proud parent company I Am Proud. “Partnering with the talented Cat Cohen as well is a remarkable opportunity to make a fun, accurate and impactful piece of content to help people feel more optimistic about the future and commit to real action,” Zukauskaite added. “Laughter is the ultimate unifier, and we want to use it to educate and inspire change.”

Skin Proud is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand made for all skin types – championing imperfections and perfections. GRWM is the latest purpose-driven campaign from the I am Proud family that addresses social justice. It follows the success of Skin Proud’s January 2022 Veganuary “Cowfunding” campaign, which saw 50 percent of profits donated to Animal Equality; and May 2022 Mental Health Awareness campaign, which saw 10 percent of profits donated to Sad Girls Club. Through this most recent partnership, Skin Proud will be donating a portion of proceeds to Intersectional Environmentalist.


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