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The First Step to Efficient Sustainability:
Define Shared Goals

Energy and sustainability are inherently linked. Energy efficiency pays dividends by trimming consumption and costs. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), implementing energy efficiency initiatives is the best way to act on climate change, as it can reduce CO2 emissions by 38 percent. However, becoming an efficient, sustainable business requires a collaborative effort from almost all parts of an organization.

Our new How-To Guide provides 6 steps to break down silos of efficiency and sustainability teams, and unlock greater opportunities. Below we present one of these steps.

Define common, meaningful targets and KPIs, and track performance jointly

Developing common targets, key performance indicators (KPIs) and baselines ensures that teams are working toward the same goals. One effective method is to host workshops with attendees from each department to agree on goals and performance tracking. The participation of energy, sustainability, supply chain, operations, facility and finance teams is crucial. Once the system is approved, everyone will understand how they can contribute to superior performance.

Quick tips:

What efficiency teams need to know about sustainability teams

What sustainability teams need to know about efficiency teams

Efficiency (aka energy) teams manage the use of electricity and other utilities at company sites. Typically led by engineers, they are highly technical in their approach to problem solving. They work closely with local operational teams, and put a strong emphasis on daily routines and production processes. When working with these teams, it is essential to understand and respect their practical expertise. These teams usually operate on very strict, and often lean, budgets. Additional dollars from the larger sustainability program may allow them to implement efficiency ideas that they have had for years, but couldn’t fund.

Download the How-To guide to learn 5 more steps to breaking down silos between efficiency and sustainability teams.

Learn strategies your organization can use to strengthen the link between efficiency and sustainability teams, and maximize the results of both programs.


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