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Coca-Cola Partners With DCM Shriram to Improve Sugarcane Yield in Utter Pradesh

Beverages major Coca-Cola India has partnered with DCM Shriram (DSCL) along with Solidaridad and International Finance Corporation, for a project to enhance sugarcane yield and improve farmers' income in Uttar Pradesh.

"It is a sustainable supply project, in addition to improving farmers' income. We have come together to increase sugarcane farmers' yield and to bring in sustainable agricultural practices," said Coca-Cola India and South West Asia President Venkatesh Kini.

DCM Shriram, which is also a supplier to the beverages major, has four sugar mills Ajbapur, Hariawan, Loni and Rupapur in Uttar Pradesh and the project works with farmers around its mills. The project -- Meetha Sona Unnati-- will work with about 48,000 farmers (8,000 lead sugarcane farmers, 40,000 sub lead farmers) for 3 years in the command area of DCM Shriram's four sugar mills.

"We have seen positive impact on sugarcane farmers' yield in the areas we have worked on. We have been training farmers on best international agricultural practices and adopting modern techniques," DCM Shriram Executive Director Roshan Lal Tamak said. The project aims to train farmers on good agriculture practices (GAP), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and efficient water usage and Implement farmer practices to improve demand side water efficiency.


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