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Supply Chain
New Tools Help Companies Better Manage Supply Chains

Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group (OIA SWG) has announced the launch of two new supply chain tools to help companies proactively manage their supply chain and sourcing practices.

Rapid Design Module for Equipment

Modeled after the existing Higg Index Rapid Design Module Prototype for Footwear and Apparel, the RDM for Equipment ensures the inclusion of product-level environmental indicators specific to hardgoods and accessories. The RDM tool provides guidance to product designers around the potential environmental impacts of decisions during the product creation process.

OIA SWG members are currently piloting the prototype Equipment RDM tool, and OIA is inviting all equipment and accessories designers and manufacturers to review the tool and provide feedback on the content as well as the structure of the module.

Social Responsibility Toolkit: Phase 2

The OIA Social Responsibility Toolkit identifies 14 essential elements that comprise a robust Social Responsibility Program, and serves as an industry reference point around how to implement each of the elements. Ranging from basic to advanced practices, the toolkit can be adapted to suit any company or supplier to create and continuously improve sustainability programs, with the ultimate goal of improving working conditions and labor rights across outdoor industry supply chains.

Earlier this week, responsible supply chain specialist Sedex Global released Data Monitor, a new set of data analysis tools designed to meet the varied sustainability reporting needs of companies across the world. Sedex Data Monitor was developed in response to companies’ demand for improved reporting tools designed to increase their understanding of supply chain risks and to track their progress in addressing responsible sourcing issues. Technology such as Sedex’s is helping to clean up supply chains and gradually put an end to modern day slavery pervasive in many parts of the world.


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